Ybor City

Ybor City, also known as the “Heart of Tampa”, is the only neighborhood in Florida to receive this honor and boasts an exciting past. It was designated a National Historic Landmark District because it had so many historical buildings, making up what’s known today as one big historical attraction for visitors from all over.

Ybor City is a historic Cuban town that has been the center of cigar manufacturing since 1886. It features dense concentrations of old and new restaurants and bars to drink up this life-long memories with friends or family while enjoying some music at one of its many arts festivals throughout the year. Many people think they know everything about Tampa’s Latin Quarter, but there are genuinely still things worth discovering here, like how richly diverse our culture really can be.

Tampa, Florida has been through many transformations since it was founded in 1885 by Vincente Martinez-Ybor. The historic district changed several times, such as converting an old cigar factory into one of Florida’s first jazz clubs. It later became home to numerous corporations that serve the Tampa Bay Area with their products or services, like trucking companies that move goods around on bigger vehicles than you would see locally.

Ybor City was once home to a thriving village of Cuban, Spanish and Italian immigrants who worked in the cigar factories. But after automation took over their livelihoods, Ybor suffered an economic decline that would not be reversed until more recently when new waves from Latin America started coming into town again with fresh ideas on how they wanted Tampa influencing culture changed outside as well.

Ybor City’s website says it best: “A neighborhood where the culture, history and beauty keep Ybor city alive.” The rich cultural preservation of this district breathes life into Tampa Bay through its celebration. Ybor City is a beautiful, bustling metropolis recognized as one of the top 10 most significant streets in America. It’s also home to numerous cafes and wine bars, so you can enjoy your morning cup of joe or glass sampling some delicious vintages from nearby vineyards without even leaving this great neighborhood.

Ybor City is a great place to live if you’re looking for an urban feel. This neighborhood has more renters than homeowners and attracts young professionals who want easy access to schools, shopping centers, or hospitals on foot proximity, as well as bar-hopping opportunities steps away from their front doors.

Ybor City is a small, historic neighborhood in Tampa. The median home value there ranges from $178 thousand to around 225K with an average rent per month at about 1-2 months of that price range.

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