Woodstork Trail

Experience vibrant and diverse nature on the Woodstork Trail! Established in 2007, this 75-acre trail is perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll or an adventurous day hike. Take in amazing views of wildlife habitats and native plants while you explore one of Florida’s prime trails.


If you’re seeking peace and quiet, Woodstork Trail in Hillmoor Lake Park is the perfect place to go. This 1.27-mile paved trail meanders around 75 acres of verdant beauty – a hidden local gem tucked away from bustling city life. Take your time running, biking, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk as this scenic path winds its way through serene waterside greenery.


Enjoy a refreshing outdoor experience on the Woodstork Trail! With its ADA restrooms and 1.27-mile sidewalk trail, it’s perfect for walking or bicycling with friends – not to mention two observation decks offering plenty of opportunity for shore-line fishing and bird watching. There are even fitness stations along the way if you’re looking to up your game. So grab those trekking shoes and hit this beautiful spot today; you won’t regret it.


For an immersive experience with nature, come take a stroll down Woodstork Trail. Enjoy the scenic view from two observation decks or cast off your line to try and snag some local wildlife that may be swimming nearby – you could even work up a sweat in their fitness area! With multiple devices at hand, it’s perfect for toning those muscles as well as recharging both mind and body.


Woodstork Trail provides nature lovers with an intimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy picturesque views of tranquil lakes as you sit back, relax, and take a breather on one of the conveniently placed benches along this scenic path. Rest assured – restroom facilities are available for your convenience.


Enjoy an invigorating escape from your everyday routine on the Woodstork Trail! Take a jog or bike ride through this tranquil wooded area, soak in breathtaking nature views at the observation deck, and read up on some good reads while you relax in peace. You can even energize with free access to two fitness stations within the trail- perfect for getting those muscles working before heading home again.


Take your pup on an adventure or embark upon a fitness journey at Woodstork Trail – the perfect spot to get outdoors, soak up some sun and admire nature’s beauty in all its glory. Alongside man-made amenities such as exercise equipment provided by the city, this picturesque path is sure to provide you with a delightful experience every time.


Address: 1957 S.E. Hillmoor Drive, Port Saint Lucie, FL.