Woodland Trails

Woodland Trails is a sophisticated suburban neighborhood in Port St. Lucie, Florida, offering an elevated lifestyle at an affordable price tag – with rent averaging $2,533 per month -higher than 65.2% of neighborhoods throughout Florida.


With churches, commercial areas, and a charter school all just footsteps away, Woodland Trails is quickly gaining traction as the go-to residential community. Plus, it’s home to stunning Woodland Trails Park – perfect for taking long walks on lazy afternoons.


Woodland Trails is now home to a brand new 13-acre dog park – the perfect spot for your pup’s daily adventure. Officially named Woodland Trials Park and located at 1485 SW Calmar Avenue in Port St Lucie, FL 34953, this exciting destination allows you to enjoy nature trails with your furry friend while taking advantage of amenities like an open space play area and pavilion with picnic tables. Plus, there’s plenty of fun for everyone, thanks to parking lots, playgrounds, and restrooms throughout the grounds. Don’t forget that it was all made possible using proceeds from recycling funds, too, because being green can be just as rewarding (and adorable) as ever before.


Woodland Trails is a vibrant and idyllic community nestled in between Interstates I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. Strategically placed near Martin County, this charming neighborhood has become an integral gateway to well over 5,238 citizens into its welcoming city limits.


Woodland Trails is the perfect enclave for homebuyers looking to settle into a spacious family abode. With plenty of dwellings ranging from 3-5 bedrooms, there’s something suitable for everyone here. Many residences are brand new or recently built, so you can expect modern comforts and stylish living – while some homes have charming classic architecture dating back as far as 1970.


Woodland Trails is an ideal neighborhood for families, boasting top-notch public schools and unbeatable safety records. With its scenic single-family homes and friendly neighbors who share a deep sense of community, it’s no surprise this incredible area exceeds 98% of other neighborhoods in Florida when it comes to providing the perfect atmosphere for all types of families.


Woodland Trails, located in Port St. Lucie, is a thriving community of upper-middle income households – far outstripping the national average. About 61.6% of neighborhoods across America are earning less than this affluent area.


The Woodland Trails neighborhood is a mix of different walks of life, boasting a diverse population. A third are employed in sales and service jobs ranging from corporate accounts to fast food restaurants. Close behind them, 25.6% work in manufacturing or labor occupations. In addition, there are 23.2% making their living as executives, managers, and professionals, with the remaining 19.8% working largely clerical roles such as assistants and tech support positions – giving this community its unique identity.

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