Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is an unusual destination for those who love art, architecture or history located in Miami, Florida. The Viz has more than 100 rooms filled with gorgeous furniture pieces from all over the world and a vast collection of sculptures that make up one man’s lifelong dream come true. In addition, there are countless gardens ranging in size from small front yards to large landscape layouts, perfect if you’re looking to move offsite offices into botanical bliss.

The three-floor museum is home to hundreds of relics from the 15th through 19th centuries, and it’s easy for you or your kids to learn something new while exploring these ancient treasures. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the ultimate destination for any fan of art, history or outdoor beauty. With more than 150 rooms filled with original pieces by Diego Rivera himself and other famous artists like Ingres, this museum has something that will appeal to everyone.

The grounds also house attractions such ​​as The Groves, which includes an amazing poolside restaurant to enjoy your meal while taking in all aspects of this magnificent tourist attraction.

When James Deering retired from his position with Internacional Harvester Company, he dedicated the rest of his life to one goal: building a beachfront home. He purchased 72 hectares in Florida and eventually expanded across other states until there were enough land assets for everyone who wanted their private paradise or vacation spot.

He had three architects build him an Italian Renaissance mansion with a traditional look that seemed to have been taken straight from the 16th Century. This awe-inspiring home was also surrounded by enormous gardens creating what some would call “a dreamlike environment.”

When Deering began the construction of his dream home, Miami was just a tiny town. The 1st stone had been placed two years before, and the work complex was finally complete with help from 1000 workers in 1914. But fate would not let him see this project come together because he died five years later – before its completion.

The best way to explore this immense mansion and its vast gardens is by taking a leaflet with a map bearing the recommended route and some descriptions of how you’ll navigate through such a historic site. Touring these regal halls offers many surprises at every step of your journey.

The majestic halls of this historic mansion offer an exciting experience, with some being; The Vestibule – original wallpaper still hanging on the wall from when it was painted by hand. This space also contains Music Hall where one can see beautiful decorations and items used for events such as orchestras or guitars placed neatly next to their stands in preparation for whoever may play them next; The Butlers Storeroom contains many glasses which were used during special occasions since 1916.,  Statue Path has multiple statues, including ones depicting animals that live outside our natural environment.

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