Victoria Park

The Victoria Park neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a beautiful and serene place to call home. Unfortunately, this urban area has some of the highest real estate prices. Still, there are also many great amenities for residents, including walking paths and ample green spaces available, which provide natural relief from our busy lives.

The Victoria Park neighborhood is a status symbol for those who can afford it. Its median real estate price ($777,457) exceeds 93.9 percent of Florida neighborhoods and 90.3% of American neighborhoods.

The Victoria Park neighborhood is one of the most expensive rental locations in Florida. The average cost to rent this area at $2131 per month. This is higher than 67% of other neighborhoods across state lines and may seem like an unbearable expense, but when you consider just how close it gets to downtown without having too many people living on your property, it’s not so bad.

The Victoria Park community is a great place to call home if you’re looking for something between affordability and convenience. The real estate here consists of both small homes (studio) as well as larger ones that offer more space per household; it’s easy enough finding your perfect fit with this selection.

Many of the homes in this beautiful neighborhood are older, well established, and were built between 1940-and 1969. Some residents here own their homes while others rent them out.

If you consider an urban community with charm and character, then the Victoria Park neighborhood might be perfect. With 25% of homes here classified as row houses or other attached homes, this area has plenty to offer in terms of variety.

The neighbors in this upscale Fort Lauderdale neighborhood are upper-middle-class, making it one of the wealthier areas around. Not only does that mean you’ll have your pick from big houses or condos with yards but also nicely groomed public spaces to enjoy during summertime parties.

In this high-income neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find plenty of luxurious homes. With an average salary that’s above the national average and a population whose education levels are among America’s best (with large percentages having postgraduate degrees or PhDs), it makes sense why these residents can afford such nice things.

The diverse tongues spoken by residents in this neighborhood are measured as the ones they prefer to use when at home with their families. The most common language here is English, accounting for 79% of households and other important ones include Spanish and Portuguese – which both account for over 10% of households

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