Vanderbilt Park in Doral Florida

The median real estate price in Vanderbilt Park in Doral is $585,968, which makes it more expensive than 84.3% of the communities across Florida and 80% of the U.S communities. The median rental price in this community is $3,425. This makes it higher than 93% of all neighborhoods across FL.

The Vanderbilt Park community has a lot going on that makes the commutes long. In fact, 31% of working residents here spend at least 30 minutes one-way getting to and from their job, which is above average for all U.S cities.

In this particular neighborhood, as in most of America’s cities and towns all across the country–car ownership is very common. 85% percent here drive alone to work every day. Another 6% of the population either carpools or uses another person as their ride. It seems that having an auto can really help you get where you need it with ease.

In the Vanderbilt Park community in Doral, FL, you’ll find a vibrant community with many different cultures and ethnicities. Residents most commonly identify their ancestry or ethnicity as South American 41%. Additionally, there are Cuban people living here at 22%, alongside those who report Dominican roots at 7%. Some individuals also have Asian heritage 4% while Italian makes up 4.5% of all shapes found within these walls – talk about diversity, 60% of persons here were born outside this country.

The diverse languages spoken by the persons in this community are what make it such a vibrant and globalized place. Spanish, English, and Korean all play an important role here as they are preferred tongues of choice for many individuals who live within its boundaries.

The most common language you’ll hear when visiting typical homes around Vanderbilt Park would be Spanish, with 73%. Other tongues include Korean and English.

The employment rates in Vanderbilt Park suggest that 44.1% of the working persons are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations, while 31-32 percent work as sales representatives or customer service reps. Additionally, 12 – 13% of those who do find themselves working outside neither clerical jobs nor tech support positions.

The neighbors in this Vanderbilt Park community are upper-middle class and make it an above-average income area. The homes here have higher incomes than 71% of U.S communities, with 14% of children living below federal poverty line levels, which is higher than 58% of the U.S communities.

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