Busch Gardens

You and your family can do various interesting things in Tampa, Florida. An excellent destination for families and couples alike is Busch Gardens Tampa which offers excitement that ranges from thrilling rides with scary drops to compassionate ER physicians on-site. Busch Gardens is one of the most iconic theme parks in America. First opened to the general public in 1959, it has grown into a whopping 136 hectares with everything from roller coasters and wild animals on exhibit.

With wild animals and thrilling rollercoasters exhibits, this park is a must-see for any adventure seeker. The famous Serengeti Plain enclosure offers free-roaming creatures that are original species in their natural habitats with all the creature comforts they need right at your fingertips.

Today, you can see some of the most sought-after wildlife in Africa right in this park. The reticulated giraffe stands at least 15 feet tall and has 12 inches long neck, which it uses to graze on over 3 acres of land annually. Next door to these majestic creatures is Rhinos Family Play Area, where small children learn about rhinos from educational displays that provide them with meaningful information for life outside captivity or even if their parents are keepers themselves. There’s also Hippopotamus Pool stage left brains behind bars so toddlers may learn how dangerous these animals indeed were while still being fascinated.

Located at 10165 N Malcolm McKinley Dr, Tampa, Florida, you could spend days at the Busch Gardens if you only have the time to explore everything it has in store. There are bumper cars, zip lines and water slides galore, and an elephant enclosure where people can get close with these majestic animals. Cobra’s Curse is a stomach-churning rollercoaster that will leave you feeling nauseous. Falcon’s Fury takes riders up in the air for a fantastic view of Tampa Bay, while Gwazi Gliders brings back memories from when we were kids and had so much fun at county fairs.

Busch Gardens, Tampa, is an excellent place for families to enjoy themselves together. The dark and twisty roller coasters will give you that thrill of your life, while there are plenty of other activities like kiddie rides or water slides available too. With so many different ticket options Busch Gardens has something just right no matter what type of fun they want to visit this year. If it’s been a while since you and your family last went on one of those thrilling rides at Busch Gardens, then I recommend checking out their amazing deals today with extra value pricing.

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