Swan Park

Swan Park is an exclusive yet affordable neighborhood nestled in sunny Port St. Lucie, Florida – and its rental prices are unbeatable. With the average cost of rent at $2,471 per month being higher than 62.8% of all other neighborhoods in Florida combined – it’s no wonder why this area has become such a desirable place to call home.


Swan Park neighborhood is the perfect place to call home – nestled close to I-95, there’s plenty of fun for all. Spend a lazy afternoon at the park enjoying 6.2 acres, including three epic soccer fields and a lively playground, or take your pick from an abundance of nearby amenities like shopping centers, delicious restaurants, movie theaters, and even bowling alleys. Plus, catch some exciting Mets games with ease.


Swan Park is a vibrant neighborhood with an eclectic mix of properties. From quaint studios to four-bedroom single-family homes and townhomes, this Port St. Lucie community offers something for everyone. With many of the residences constructed between 1970 and 1999, plus some in 2000 or later, Swan Park provides a balance between modern amenities and traditional charm — making it perfect for any lifestyle.


The Swan Park community is an excellent option for families seeking to establish roots and build strong communities. The neighborhood ranks in the top 14.4% of family-friendly Florida neighborhoods, boasting great public schools, a low crime rate, and high rates of home ownership in single-family homes – plus lots of other young families with school-aged kids. Education here is held highly; parents play active roles both by voting for quality public schools and setting examples by attaining higher education themselves.


This Port St. Lucie neighborhood is a moderate-income oasis, placing it above average when compared to neighborhoods across the nation. Belonging to the 42.6% that earn more than most American households makes a living here an attractive idea for many middle-class families.


The Swan Park neighborhood boasts an impressive occupational divide among its working population. At the top, a third of residents take on executive, management, and professional roles, while almost 30% engage in sales and service positions – ranging from selling major accounts all the way to flipping burgers. Manufacturing and labor keep pace with 22%, followed by clerical workers rounding out at 14%.


Swan Park is a vibrant and diverse community, with 68.0% of households speaking English as their primary language — but it’s far from the only one! Spanish, French, and Polish are all present here, too; this Port St. Lucie neighborhood truly reflects the incredible blend of cultures found in our city.

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