Galt Mile North

This vibrant coastal community is home to many modern businesses, restaurants, and shops. The Galt Mile North area offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from its high rises and easy access by either bus or car in Fort Lauderdale, Florida bustling metropolis.

The Galt Mile North neighborhood is an expensive place to live, with the median price being $746,550, which makes it more costly than 91% of neighborhoods across Florida and 86.5 percent across America.

The average rental price in this Galt Mile North neighborhood is $2,922. The cost of renting a home here is higher than 92.6% of the communities across Florida- making it one of those rare places where you can actually get your money’s worth.

The Galt Mile North neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for small apartments or high-rise living. Most homes in this area have between one and three bedrooms, with some spanning as many as five floors.

The best part? You’ll be close enough so that everything around town won’t take long on your daily commute time–but still far away from any noise pollution because of how quiet it can get out here at night, considering all these trees lining each street just makes me think “home sweet home!”

The Galt Mile North neighborhood is among the more established areas in this city, with many homes being built between 1970 and 1999. There’s also a handful that were created between 1940 and 1969; they’re rarer, though.

The neighborhood of Galt Mile North may be among the most densely populated areas in America. With 33,069 people per square mile (a higher ratio than 97% of other neighborhoods), this area packs in more population compared to almost every other U.S. place.

Galt Mile North is a neighborhood that has access to the water through either an inlet or bay. The location can make all types of people come here – locals who want some peace and quiet, visitors looking for scenery while they enjoy their time off work (and maybe even take advantage by going out fishing), fishermen with dreams about catching something big on one those shiny new boats waiting at pier head–you never know what might happen.

Galt Mile North is an ideal destination for those looking to live life on the edge. The nautical feel of this neighborhood, combined with its closeness to water and close proximity (just steps) to some excellent seaside views, makes it one worth checking out.

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