Seminole Heights

Like many Tampa neighborhoods, the Heights have seen a lot of rejuvenation in recent years. Today it is home to thriving art galleries and new construction, with significant developments like Armature Works nearby offering apartments for rent or sale.

With so many new options in the Heights, it’s hard to know where you’ll find something that suits your taste. But there are now dozens of fantastic restaurants with unique flavors and styles throughout this area! From Ulele—a plant-based Caribbean hotspot on Montrose Boulevard serving up charcoal-grilled burgers alongside locusts in curry sauce—to Rooster & The Till baking fresh bread every day while using organic ingredients for their salads dressing bar almonds butter.

The area has a mix of family-friendly enclaves and newer development around Armature Works, once home to Tampa Electric Company’s streetcars. Nowadays, it features an upscale food court and event space for those who want their events attended by thousands without paying exorbitant prices in downtown Tampa Bay Area hotels or restaurants. Plus, there are plenty of other shops that your local boutique store would carry.

Tampa Heights home values rose 11% in 2019 as urban pioneers continued to discover the neighborhood’s beautiful Victorian fixer-uppers near downtown. The bungalows that line Central Avenue in Seminole Heights are a throwback to an era when this part of town was home to blacks and Chinese and Latino people.

The craftsman-style homes are the norm throughout this quieter side street, now a mix between young professionals and families. Several loft apartment buildings have sprung up in recent years to serve those drawn by the still artsy essence of what’s left at an aesthetic neighborhood near a thriving downtown area.

Tampa’s diverse neighborhoods offer a variety of housing options. The Heights and Seminole area have the most expensive homes at $240K+, but you can also find more budget-friendly places. A home with this median value will cost about 15 minutes worth on average to commute into central Tampa every day via car or taxi.

Tampa’s Seminole Heights is a bohemian neighborhood that has young, artistic people living in it. It was once connected by the streetcar and still retains its unique charm with all of these early residential buildings surrounding you–it feels like something out-of-time. The revitalization efforts of this once-neglected area are now receiving much attention and appreciation. The low crime rates make it an affordable destination for those who want to live close by without sacrificing the quality of life necessities like safety or convenience; 5 minutes from downtown Tampa Bay provides yet another bonus.

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