Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk

While many people are unaware of it, the Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk is a great destination for those who have some free time. The river walkway runs through historic downtown and offers you an opportunity to get out from behind your computer screen or tour guide’s microphone without getting lost.

 The Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk is a hidden gem for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustles of traditional tourist attractions. This sedate trail follows along New River, past historic homes and condos that line this picturesque path leading down into beautiful beaches with miles upon miles of ocean views.

 Fort Lauderdale’s Riverwalk is a great place to take in the Florida sun and relax with one of its many outdoor activities, such as walking or jogging. The path follows alongside the New River until it reaches saltwater, where you can find beautiful beaches that are perfect for spending time under blue skies without any clouds.

 The Riverwalk is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. There are 10 different parks along this route, with beautiful gardens in each one. Some have exercise equipment for those who want their muscles worked overtime; others provide opportunities that make it easy just to sit back while watching children play on playground structures like slides or swings – all at your own pace, of course, because we know what’s important here: relaxation.

 When you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustles of city life, head out on The Riverwalk. This waterway is home not only for people-watching but also for some tasty dining options with shady patios perfect for relaxing lunch or romantic dinner overlooking this picturesque setting.

 Explore the river by foot or take advantage of this free trolley service that travels throughout town. There are plenty of restaurants with shaded patios along the waterway where you can enjoy your meal in peace and comfort.

 The Riverwalk is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to meet up. For the latest events, pick up Go Riverwalk’s magazine, which they publish every month.

 You can easily access the Riverwalk from any one of these cross streets, like SE 3rd Avenue. There’s a large parking structure off South Andrews Avenue by Broward Judicial Center that has plenty for you to choose from.

 With a vision to create an amazing destination, the Riverwalk District is being developed. The Fort Lauderdale team takes its mission seriously and strives for excellence in overseeing this park as well as planning future needs of it while also ensuring compliance with codes or regulations governing such things as architecture design when constructing new buildings around here too.

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