Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

Do you need professional air duct cleaning service? Damage from water, fire or mold can make a huge impact on your house or workplace and air duct cleaning is probably the last thing you are thinking of. Regardless of the magnitude of the damage, there’s also a lot of work to be done once it occurs in your house. If you’ve ever had the tragedy of having water or fire damage, you’re aware that water, fire or mold damage can be devastating to both your property and your lifestyle. Filing homeowners insurance claims, boarding up your property, and removing damaged items from the disaster to initiate the process of restoring may be a daunting task.

Professional Duct Cleaning After Fire Damage Restoration

Air duct cleaning is an important activity that should be completed after fire damage restoration, mold remediation or water damage restoration. After a disaster, many individuals don’t bother paying attention to cleaning the air ducts. The internal air quality in your house can be harmed by fire or smoke damage if your air ducts are remained untreated, which poses several health risks. With competent fire damage and smoke damage service tech on your side, dealing with fire restoration will be a breeze. Cleaning ducts after a fire may be a difficult task. To assist you to restore your home to its pre-fire damaged condition, you’ll need to engage with trained and certified professionals such as Water Mold Restoration Boss.

Even though your home is not immediately harmed by the blaze, smoke can seep into the ventilation ducts. Smoke and other contaminants taint the air ducts. This will hurt your family members’ respiratory health. That is why, following a fire or smoke damage, you should employ a trained and expert air duct cleaning business. Employing a competent air duct cleaning business, for this reason, has several advantages. Following are some of the benefits of air duct cleaning after a disaster.

Even though your home is not immediately harmed by the blaze, smoke can seep into the ventilation ducts. Smoke and other contaminants taint the air ducts. That is why, following a fire or smoke damage, you should employ a trained and expert air duct cleaning business. 

The Process of Duct Cleaning After Fire Damage Restoration:

  • The elimination of soot and smoky smells from the HVAC system is a critical step in restoring the ducting to its original state.
  • The first step in the procedure is to investigate what was harmed by the incident. We need to figure out if the fire started in the duct directly, such as in the blower motor or a boosting fan. If that was the situation, soot would be blown all over the ductwork. Was the fire contained within the walls? Heating contractors frequently employ wall cavities as a return air duct for the HVAC system as a cost-cutting solution. 
  • Plenum ceilings also referred to as return air ceilings, are utilized in commercial properties for return air. Another possibility is that there is a fire in the wall near the ducting. Was it ablaze in the kitchen? Is it a smoldering fire or a damper that has been left open? Is it possible that a dryer vent fire is the result of a blocked exhaust venting or a faulty dryer? As you’ll see, the list goes on forever.
  • The second step in the procedure is to determine what steps are required to alleviate the fire’s effects.
  • The third step is rehabilitation. The elimination of soot and smoky smells all through the system is critical to the HVAC system’s restoration. When charred timber remains a portion of the structure, it is critical to completely remove these charred regions. This is an essential stage in restoring the home to its pre-disaster state.

Professional Duct Cleaning After Water Damage Restoration

It’s vital to note that when your home is flooded, the air quality inside is likely to decrease. To keep yourself and your family well, you’ll have to take steps to guarantee that the air in your house is safe to live in. Floods rise swiftly and can reach many feet in depth. Your HVAC system will be exposed to flooding if it is located below ground level, rendering it inoperable.

Numerous components and spaces in your HVAC system are tough to check and clean. Allowing the equipment to dry out is insufficient to verify that it is safe to use. To keep your system working safely, coils, fans, and tanks must all be cleaned or changed appropriately. Disinfection and cleaning should be handled by qualified remediation personnel who are familiar with duct cleaning. After a flood, cleaning your air ducts is essential to get rid of mold. If specific circumstances are met, mold may develop in just two days. People who encounter floods or other types of water damage should expect to deal with mold colonization shortly afterwards since mold requires just a food supply, water, and warm temps to develop. 

Because it provides all the essential circumstances, your ductwork is among the most likely areas for mold to develop after a disaster. After a flood, having your air ducts cleaned can guarantee that mold does not spread throughout your house. It’s advisable to hire a qualified air duct cleaning firm that uses HEPA vacuums and precise duct cleaning procedures when your health is at stake.

How Do You Clean Air Ducts After Water or Mold Damage?

Cleaning the air ducts in your house may be done in a variety of ways. Professionals clean HVAC air ducts in a variety of ways, including:

  • Special instruments, such as rotating brushes and whips, are used to remove all dust, filth, and debris from the air duct.
  • Taking the coil off the air handler and properly cleaning it.
  • Using a piece of strong vacuum equipment, suction all the dirt and debris.
  • Anti-microbial fog is used to eliminate microbiological impurities in the air ducts, such as molds and mildew.
  • Chemical sealants and encapsulants are used to protect the inside surfaces of air ducts and enclosures to stop mold growth and dust fibers from entering.

Other Cleaning Suggestions for Ductwork

  • If you’ve just had mold remediation, it’s always a good idea to clean your HVAC system.
  • Do not try to clean the air ducts on your own. This service necessitates specialist expertise and project-specific equipment.
  • Ensure that the air duct cleaning company you pick is accredited and qualified.
  • While cleaning your air ducts once every two to five years is advised, certain houses may involve regular cleaning. It’s a smart option to have the air ducts of your HVAC systems cleaned every year or two if you have dogs that shed a lot, have individuals who smoke in your house, or live with people who have long-term diseases.

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