Riverwalk Boardwalk

Visit Veterans Memorial Park and explore the Riverwalk Boardwalk, a scenic stretch of nature that winds along St. Lucie River’s shoreline for miles. This is the perfect place to take in Florida’s stunning natural beauty and get some fresh air.


A secret escape awaits you at the Riverwalk Boardwalk—just moments away from Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden. Park your car and take a leisurely stroll through nature’s bounty, where lush greenery meanders towards sparkling river views. Be sure to soak up this serene spot with all its hidden delights waiting to be discovered.


The Riverwalk Boardwalk is a riverside paradise that spans over 2,500 feet. From the renowned Tom Hooper section along approximately 999′ of the waterway to New Bridge Plaza and Westmoreland boasting 1302′, this iconic boardwalk has something for everyone. Enjoy breathtaking views as you stroll down 264′ at South finger or take in the sights from 173 ‘North Finger by Bayan Tree – all conveniently accessible via parking lots within 545 ft and 61’. Take full advantage of Houston’s natural beauty with an enjoyable excursion on the one-and-only River Walk Boardwalk.


Stroll along the Riverwalk Boardwalk and be mesmerized by its 2,453 feet of serenity. The boardwalk is constructed from recycled materials illuminated with solar power as you continue through a picturesque mangrove forest on your journey between Tom Hooper Park to Veterans Park at Rivergate.


The Riverwalk Boardwalk is an idyllic vantage point for visitors, offering stunning views and the perfect opportunity to spot wildlife in action along this captivating river. Enjoy nature’s best show as you leisurely wander alongside these natural wonders.


Experience the vibrant wildlife of Riverwalk Boardwalk. From this scenic destination, you can witness an incredible array of aquatic inhabitants. Whether it’s turtles, manatees, or a variety of fish species- there is something for everyone to discover as they traverse these waters. Anglers will also be delighted by the possibility of nabbing their next trophy catch during a peaceful day out on the boardwalk.


Enjoy the fresh air, glimmering riverfront views, and spectacular scenery at Port St Lucie’s Riverwalk Boardwalk. Whether you want to take a peaceful walk alone or with friends, this boardwalk is perfect for an enjoyable experience. You can also explore its access points that offer adventurous activities on the sparkling water.


The Riverwalk Boardwalk provides an enchanting setting perfect for a peaceful outdoor outing. Gaze upon nature’s beauty as you take in all its glory on your stroll or jog with friends, family members, and special someone. When the energy arises, why not enjoy some fishing along the riverbanks? If that doesn’t line up, then perhaps kayaking and canoeing will bring out those adventurous feelings. Whichever activity suits you best – come make yourself at home surrounded by picturesque memories of this idyllic boardwalk adventure.


Address: 2200 SE Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952.