Spruce Bluff Preserve

Uncover the fascinating story of Spruce Bluff Preserve. Soak up 97 acres of pristine scenery as you arrive by car, foot, bike – or canoe. Journey back to the late 1800s and explore a charming pioneer village that once stood here. With your imagination, journey hundreds of years into Florida’s past for an amazing historical adventure like no other.


Let the beauty of nature inspire you with a visit to Spruce Bluff Preserve. With its 97 acres and diverse amenities, there’s something for everyone. Explore interpretive trails or take in some birding at one of our observation areas. Experience history comes alive on your hike, then enjoy top-notch canoe access right from the preserve. Make memories today – adventure awaits at Spruce Bluff Preserve.


With two self-guided interpretive trails, this 97-acre site is filled with a wealth of history to discover. Trace your steps along riverside paths that bring you by an 1891 pioneer settlement and cemetery – remnants from another era reminding us how much has changed since then! Unearth secrets about early Native American activities at one of many mounds found onsite; recover lost memories as you learn about traditional uses for native plants surrounding each trail.


Spruce Bluff Preserve offers a unique opportunity for exploration – two trails that stretch through the enchanting tropical forest, providing visitors with an invigorating breath of fresh air and stunning views of its vibrant birdlife and diverse plant species. Here you can roam among Flatwoods, scrublands, and marshy wetlands in one refreshingly serene nature experience.


Spruce Bluff Preserve offers an exclusive and adventurous journey. Follow the South AIS Indian Mount Trail, a mile-long winding path allowing you to explore baygall, mesic Flatwoods, and marsh areas. Witness breathtaking views along your way before reaching the iconic AIS Indian Mound. But watch out during wet weather – this trail is known for its makeshift obstacles that can make it a slippery place if caution isn’t taken.


Explorers, adventurers, and nature lovers alike will find a wealth of beauty at Spruce Bluff Preserve. Meander along the North Pioneer Interpretive Trail to discover lush flora and foliage like scrubby Flatwoods – plus get an exciting glimpse into Florida’s historic pioneer past. Explore intriguing homes left behind by settlers long gone before us as well as their post office, schoolhouse or even cemetery. Don’t forget there is still a sawmill on site offering visitors unique insight into this ancient way of life we don’t often see these days! Step back in time with Spruce Bluff Preserve today.


Address: 611 South East Dar Lane, Port St. Lucie, FL.

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