Sawgrass Lakes

In the sun-soaked paradise of Port St. Lucie, Florida, lies Sawgrass Lakes—a suburban neighborhood that stands out from the crowd with an average rental cost higher than 63.6% of all other neighborhoods across the state. With a median rent price hovering around $2,489 per month and easy access to local beaches, this is one location that you’ll want to call home for years to come.


Sawgrass Lakes offers Port St. Lucie residents much more than the standard neighborhood experience, boasting upscale properties near active gated communities and stunning homes on generous lots of land. Perfectly located close to Whispering Pines Park, excellent schools, premier shopping destinations, and more – Sawgrass Lakes is a premium option for families looking to put down roots in tranquil surroundings.


Experience the epitome of tranquility at Sawgrass Lakes, a serene and picturesque neighborhood tucked away in Port St. Lucie on Florida’s beautiful coast. From its lush surroundings to modern infrastructures, it has everything you need, with 4,880 residents who are sure to make you feel right at home. Enjoy panoramic views nestled between saw-grassed lined lakes that give this area an extra touch of beauty not easily found elsewhere – welcome onboard.


Sawgrass Lakes is a paradise for real estate seekers seeking to find the perfect home. From three- and four-bedroom single-family homes to mobile residences and even larger properties with five or more bedrooms, this Port St. Lucie neighborhood offers something special at every turn. You’ll also be pleased to know that many of these dwellings were built within the last two decades, so you can rest assured knowing your new digs won’t need any updates anytime soon.


The Sawgrass Lakes community offers a truly unique distinction – it’s home to more same-sex couples than 97.3% of neighborhoods in the U.S., making it an ideal choice if you’d like to make your next move somewhere that celebrates and embraces diversity.


Sawgrass Lakes is a prized option for families due to its premier public schools, safe streets, and owner-occupied single-family homes. It comes in the top 6.4% of Florida neighborhoods that best cater to raising children– thanks also in part to the many other friendly local families living here. Education is certainly valued here, too, evident by how highly regarded Sawgrass’s schools are among residents and college students alike – making it an ideal spot regardless of your age or stage of life.


The area of Sawgrass Lakes is a thriving moderate-income neighborhood, earning more than half of the neighborhoods across America. With its friendly population and growing economy, it’s no wonder this community keeps on flourishing.

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