Hidden Oaks

Hidden Oaks is a lush suburban neighborhood nestled in Port St. Lucie, Florida—an area known for its sun-drenched climate and unbeatable views. Its property rentals reflect this idyllic setting with an average price of $2,804, which puts it higher than three-quarters of the neighborhoods throughout all of sunny Florida.


Hidden Oaks is a waterfront paradise, bringing you to the 21-mile diversion canal for your recreational delight. With some of the best fishing on this side of town and an abundance of water activities, it’s no surprise that Hidden Oaks has become such a popular spot. Jump in now and explore what lies beneath its precious oaks – who knows what treasure awaits?


Hidden Oaks is an up-and-coming community just east of Tradition – providing over 8,089 residents with easy access to Interstate 95 along with plenty of shopping opportunities, delicious restaurants, and fun seasonal activities around the downtown square. The city has something for everybody in a convenient location.


The Hidden Oaks community’s real estate offers a variety of housing options for families and individuals alike. From cozy three-bedroom homes to expansive five+ bedroom residences, you’ll find an option that fits your needs – no matter the size. And with many established dwellings built within the past 30 years, this neighborhood is sure to meet all expectations when it comes to modern comfort and convenience.


Hidden Oaks is one of Florida’s most promising neighborhoods for college students. With an impressive array of student-centered amenities, high safety ratings, and unbeatable walkability to boot, it has earned its spot in the top 6.6% of college-friendly places within the state – perfect for ambitious scholars looking to balance academic success with a dose of seasonal excitement between semesters. Parents will also appreciate knowing their children are living safely while they pursue higher education, making this neighborhood an excellent choice all around.


The Hidden Oaks community is a great choice for middle-income families seeking to settle down. This residential area boasts an income that surpasses the majority of neighborhoods across America – with 57.9% earning less.


Hidden Oaks is a vibrant neighborhood where the majority of its population pursues careers in sales and service (32.7%), executive, management, and professional roles (30.3%), or manufacturing/laboring occupations (28.4%). In addition to these pursuits, 8.7% are employed as clerical staff, assistants, or tech supports – all key players on Hidden Oak’s career landscape.


Hidden Oaks is a unique and vibrant neighborhood where individuals from every corner of the world have come together to make it their home. The beautiful diversity here speaks volumes, with English being spoken by 77% of households, as well as Spanish, Polish, and various African languages.

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