Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden

Experience a World of Magic and Beauty at Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden. From the gentle flutter of magnificent butterflies to enchanting faeries, what better way to refresh your spirit than with an invigorating stroll through this tropical paradise? As you meander along the lush pathways, be sure not to miss some signature highlights like majestic orchids in bloom – all promising an unforgettable visit that’s totally worth it.

Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens stands as a paradise of peace and beauty in the bustling city—a living testament to nature’s splendor. Spanning 20 acres, it offers visitors an opportunity for calm contemplation amidst lush landscapes.


At Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens, the tranquil lake centered around a sparkling fountain creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace like no other–the perfect spot to relax your mind amid sweet-smelling blooms while letting go of all stress.

Take a trip to nature’s paradise, the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens. Home to vibrant displays of flora and fauna, including bamboo, bromeliads, roses, and cactuses, it is sure to delight any plant lover. For an added touch of wonderment, you can wander through the butterfly garden, where colorful species will flutter around your feet as if in greeting.

Escape for an unforgettable getaway – without the strain on your budget. Spend quality time with family and friends exploring Port St Lucie’s urban garden, a vibrant landscape of themed gardens, mesmerizing lake views, meandering fountains, and colorful flora, plus gift stores to take home reminders.

Enjoy an idyllic getaway with your family, friends, or special someone without breaking the bank. Visit Port St Lucie’s remarkable Botanical Garden and wander through its themed gardens replete with stunning blooms in every hue imaginable. Complete your visit by taking a peaceful tour of the lake, complete with a fountain – you won’t find another spot like it. And don’t forget to check out the souvenirs at their gift shop before heading home.

Create lifelong memories with your friends and family at Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens. Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful grounds, full of vibrant roses, exotic trees, and hundreds of fluttering butterflies that will captivate you—and while there’s plenty to admire in this paradise, explore even more by partaking in activities such as fishing or educational programs. Or take advantage of all they have to offer, like shopping for lovely plants or souvenirs before enjoying some live music showcases surrounded by nature.

Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to escape into a tranquil world of flora, fauna, greenery, and beauty while taking in fresh air without paying an extra dime – open seven days per week from dawn till dusk for personal relaxation. The Pavilion Office Garden Gate Gift Shop & Garden Center offers even more special experiences Wednesday-Saturday (10 am-4 pm) & Sunday (12 pm-4 pm).

Address: 2410 South East Westmoreland Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL.

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