Bluefield Ranch Preserve

Journey to Bluefield Ranch Preserve and explore its diverse terrain, from over 20 miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, or horseback riders to a wildlife observation deck high in the sky. Keep your eyes peeled along this 3285-acre preserve—the largest scrubland in St Lucie County—for native flora and fauna. For an overnight adventure among nature’s beauty, there are primitive hike-in camping facilities as well as those suited for equestrians too.


Bluefield Ranch Preserve is a breathtaking haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting over 3,200 acres of pristine land and 20+ miles of scenic trails. The possibilities are endless – go on an invigorating bike ride or horseback expedition, take a leisurely walk through nature’s wildlife – whatever you choose will be nothing short of magical.


Bluefield Ranch Preserve is an oasis of wildlife where animal lovers can observe the majestic bald eagle soar in its natural habitat. Keep your eyes peeled for alligators, hogs, and quail too. The observation tower and blind offer unique perspectives on these incredible creatures. Treat yourself to a day – or even better – spend time camping out overnight at this delightful haven full of nature’s wonders.


Bluefield Ranch Preserve is an incredible natural location offering a glimpse into Florida’s diverse wildlife. Here, you can find sprawling improved pastures and the largest amount of protected scrub in the county — but that’s not all! Home to bay-gall swamps, pine Flatwoods, prairie hammocks, and more, it provides refuge for hogs, turkeys, gators, quail red-shoulder hawks, bald eagles, swallow-tailed kites, sandhill cranes, and meadowlarks alike. Come see why Bluefield Ranch Preservation draws visitors from near and far each day.


At Bluefield Ranch Preserve, you can explore the majestic beauty of St. Lucie County’s largest stand of scrub—as well as its other extraordinary ecosystems like pine Flatwoods, swamps, and prairie hammocks. Get ready for a wild adventure full of sightseeing on Florida’s iconic landscape in these unique natural habitats.


Immerse yourself in stunningly beautiful nature at Bluefield Ranch Preserve, perfect for an outdoor escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Get close to history with trails taking you back centuries as they lead to Native American mounds that have graced this land since times past. With facilities ranging from observation areas, canoe access points, and scenic hiking routes – get ready for a day out like no other.


For an unforgettable experience in nature, look no further than the breathtaking Bluefield Ranch Preserve. Take a journey through this rugged terrain and explore its diverse wildlife– but remember to reach out ahead of time for visiting days and hours – as access is occasionally restricted.


Address: 30501 Bluefield Road, Port St. Lucie, FL.

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