Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge is a neighborhood in the city of Naples, Florida. It has suburban characteristics with regard to its population density and location nearby other major areas such as downtown.

The Pine Ridge neighborhood in Naples, Florida, is a highly sought-after area with great schools and plenty to offer. The median price for homes here comes out at $961,677, which makes it more expensive than most other areas but still reasonable when considering all that this wonderful community has on tap.

The cost of renting a home in Pine Ridge is significantly higher than 77.7% of the neighborhoods in our state. The typical rental price currently stands at $2,362 but can be more depending on what type and size of house you’re looking to rent out.

The diverse and eclectic Pine Ridge neighborhood has something for everyone. From large homes with four bedrooms to small studios or two-bedroom apartments near downtown traffic noise – this area’s real estate market has it all.

The residential real estate in Pine Ridge is mostly owner-occupied. Many of the homes in the Pine Ridge community were built between 1970 and 1999, with a few dating back even further. However, the most recent construction occurred after 2000; these newer developments offer more modern living spaces for their residents.

The current real estate vacancy rate in Pine Ridge is 37.7%, which means that many homes and apartments are left empty during certain periods of time because they can’t find anyone to live there year-round. This will probably affect your quality use for these properties as you may see more than one family renting them out at once or even Sharing an apartment with other students who go back home every summer.

Wealth makes life easier, but it can make some things harder. The Pine Ridge area is more moneyed than 95% of neighborhoods in America- that’s why we call them “WEALTHY!” It seems like residents here have an easy time even when compared to other well-off Americans – based on their sheer amount of assets concentrated within one small space. Even during tough economic times, they recovered faster because so many people share such extreme levels of wealth together.

Pine Ridge is a retirement village in Florida. It’s peaceful and quiet, with above-average safety from crime compared to other neighborhoods, while also offering diverse housing options for seniors who want an active life even at age 65 or older. In addition, this vibrant mix of very educated individuals makes it more retiree-friendly than 96% percent (many) parts of FL– so if you’re thinking about moving here, take our word on how great things really are down here.

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