Pelmad Industrial Park/ Lehigh Lakes Industrial Center

The real estate cost of the Pelmad Industrial Park / Lehigh Lakes Industrial Center region is $771,332. This means that the area’s homes are more expensive than 92% of neighborhoods across Florida and 89% of the U.S neighborhood. Communities. This is higher than 97% of the neighborhoods in Florida.

The persons who live in this area are shortest in their daily commute time. They spend between 15 and 30 minutes one way going to work, which is shorter than most Americans’ commutes.

In a locality like this one, as in most of the states, many individuals residing here find owning a car functional for it helps them get to work. 84% of those who live here drive alone, and 8 percent take a ride with friends/family members occasionally.

The people who call this community in Doral, FL home are mostly of South American ethnicity or ancestry with Italian origins. They also have a number of families whose ancestors came from Cuba and Brazil, among other countries such as the Dominican Republic. The vast majority, 74%, were born outside the United States.

The diverse languages spoken in this community are tabulated as the ones preferred by residents when they’re at home with their families. The most common language here, Spanish, is spoken by 80%. Other tongues spoken here include Portuguese, English, and Italian.

The Pelmad Industrial Park / Lehigh Lakes Industrial Center community is home to an impressive 49.6% of working residents who are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. This figure outshines the second most important occupational group – sales & service jobs- which accounts for 24 percent of local employment opportunities. Another lot is on laborer and manufacturing occupations. A percentage of people here are employed in assistant, clerical, or tech support fields.

The individuals in this area are well off, making it an above-average income community. The Pelham Industrial Park / Lehigh Lakes industrial center has a higher median household income than 67% of the U.S community. With 13 percent of children here below the federal poverty line, which is much higher than the national rate.

The Pelmad Industrial Park / Lehigh Lakes Industrial Center community is more diverse than most other places in America. Seventy-four percent of the people living there were born somewhere else.

The community of Pelmad Industrial Park / Lehigh Lakes has 64% of its residents having a South American heritage, and 2.9 percent are Brazilian.

The people of Pelmad Industrial Park / Lehigh Lakes community are not only concentrated largely Portuguese-speaking, but they also have a significantly higher percentage than 99.6% of communities across America.