Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay is a quiet and cozy neighborhood in the city of Naples, Florida. When residents are not out enjoying all that this beautiful corner has to offer, they can find peace at home with their families. The Pelican Bay neighborhood, in particular, has a median real estate price of $1,024408, which is more expensive than 97% percent of neighborhoods across Florida.

The cost of renting in Pelican Bay is higher than the average for all neighborhoods in Florida. The price per month comes out to about $2,130, which isn’t bad considering how close you’re able to live off water views and sandy beaches. However, This price falls within the higher end of what most people can afford here, but it may still be worth checking out some other neighborhoods if that’s your budget.

Pelican Bay is a suburban neighborhood located in Naples, Florida. The population density of this area makes it an excellent choice for those who want to live closer together and enjoy the benefits that come with having many people living within, such as convenience stores on every corner or schools just blocks away.

The Pelican Bay neighborhood is a haven for those who want to live in an apartment or high-rise. There are plenty of multifamily properties, from studios all the way up to four bedrooms with multiple bathrooms and kitchens.

In addition, there are also some single-family homes on this side too; they tend not to be as common, though, because most people buy when looking at houses know that Pelican bay has such great amenities.

The Pelican Bay neighborhood has a lot of properties that are owner-occupied. Many homes here were built between 1970 and 1999, while others more recently added to this growing area for residents that were created more recently than 2000.

The high vacancy rate in Pelican Bay is a major concern for homeowners and landlords alike. Vacant apartments or homes can be seen throughout the town, which has an overall real estate market rating of “Poor.”

Of all the neighborhoods in America, it turns out that Pelican Bay has some of the lowest child poverty rates. This isn’t just one of a kind; this is truly different from any other place on earth and sets itself apart as an excellent model for future generations to follow.

This beautiful, diverse neighborhood is the perfect place to retire in Florida. For many reasons, it may be considered a retiree’s dream. This peaceful community has above-average safety from crime compared with other areas while also offering housing options for all walks of life, including single-family homes or condos that can accommodate almost any need you might have.

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