Palm River Estates

Palm River Estates is a highly desirable neighborhood in Naples, FL. The median price of homes there, $526k compared to other areas around Florida or even within the United States, makes this area one worth considering if you’re looking for an investment property with great ROI.

Palm River Estates is an extremely expensive place to live in comparison with the rest of Florida. The average cost for renting an apartment here comes out at $2,528 per month, which makes it 83% more costly than other neighborhoods across this state.

When you think of the best places in Florida, Palm River Estates is likely at or near the top. This suburban neighborhood (based on population density) has a great variety for any family who wants more than just beaches and sunshine.

Palm River Estates is a great place to live if you want convenience and affordability. The real estate market there consists mainly of medium-sized homes with three or four bedrooms but also includes some smaller studios that can fit your needs perfectly.

While the residential real estate in this area is mostly owner-occupied, there are some that were built before and between 1970 and 1999. Most of them aren’t old and have been established since 2000, with more recent construction happening on newer houses as well.

Palm River Estates is a community where the real estate vacancies are high. The current rate here stands at 29%. This is higher than 93% of all neighborhoods in America and even more so when you consider how many homes have seasonally occupied tenants! A relatively large number can be found that will vacation or reside full time during school breaks – making this an excellent spot for those who want something different from their everyday lifestyle but still close enough to ensure quick access any time they need it.

When most people think about car ownership, they tend to imagine a household with one or two vehicles. But in the Palm River Estates neighborhood, there are four, five, or six+ cars per household. That is an incredible statistic that speaks volumes for how well these residents love their cars–and what lengths we will go through when it comes time to make sure their kids have room to drive around without worry someone else might take theirs away from them.

Palm River Estates is a neighborhood of workers. More specifically, it’s home to many people who work in sales and service endeavors – which make up the largest proportion nationally by far with 59%. This might be why this area stands out from others: not only do they have an above-average number, but also these jobs dominate here as well compared to other locations across America.

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