Nurmi Isles

The beautiful and serene Nurmi Isles neighborhood is a perfect place to call home. This coastal area has some of the best beaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with pristine waters that are great for fishing or swimming any time you want. Plus, there’s always something happening at one community beach bar or another. This beautiful area is a perfect spot for those who love the ocean, as it has many beaches and outlets.

The median real estate price in the Nurmi Isles neighborhood is $1,258,147, which makes it more expensive than 98% of neighborhoods located throughout Florida and 97 percent across America.

In the Nurmi Isles neighborhood, you can find rentals with an average price of $3266 per month. This is higher than 95% of neighborhoods across Florida and significantly more expensive when compared to other locales across America.

The Nurmi Isles neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for medium-sized homes with plenty of space. Some awesome high-rise apartments will suit any need. This neighborhood has something for everyone from large apartment buildings with multiple units ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom homes.

Many of the residences in this owner-occupied area were built between 1940 and 1969. There is also a presence for more recent/newer homes that were completed between 1970 and 1999, with some dating back even further.

The Nurmi Isles neighborhood is a beautiful area on the water with plenty to offer. A bay or inlet, it has access for locals and visitors alike who come here looking for fun activities like fishing off one of their many boats that are docked at scenic piers along this stretch–or just watching them go by while sitting back relaxedly under an umbrella.

The nautical feel of this neighborhood is undeniable. With its seaside and shipping theme, there are many who would enjoy the sights here in Nurmi Isles – especially if you’re looking for something quieter or family-friendly with plenty going on nearby.

Although most of the homes in this area are seasonal rentals, some have been left vacant for much longer periods. As a result, the vacancy rate here has reached 37%, higher than 96% percent of all U.S neighborhoods.

The people in this neighborhood are among the wealthiest you’ll ever come across. With an average income that’s more than 90% higher than typical American neighborhoods, it is no wonder why there isn’t much crime here at all.

The people living in this part of Fort Lauderdale are some wealthy individuals. The neighborhood has an average income that ranks it among the top 15% highest paying neighborhoods nationwide. And not only do they make more money than most places, but these folks also enjoy a higher-level education with college degrees at nearly twice the rate as other areas within Florida.

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