NSU Art Museum

The NSU Art Museum offers an exciting and educational experience for both visitors, young and old. The modern, unique three-story building is located in one of Florida’s most picturesque areas – the Las Olas neighborhood, which also happens to be close by downtown.

 The NSU Art Museum is a place where you can enjoy art from all over the world. The permanent collections feature works by artists like Miró, Picasso, and Renoir that span centuries in time as well as cultures.

 The NSU Art Museum has one of the most extensive collections in all of Florida, with more than 7 thousand pieces on display. Their permanent exhibits feature work by artists from around the world, including significant shows focused upon multiculturalism and female creatives; Latin American heritage (including Cuban art) as well African & Oceanic Tribal Arts.

 The NSU Art Museum is the best destination for programs and exhibitions encompassing all facets of civilization’s visual history. Founded in 1958, it has become one of the hubs of America’s ever-growing art scene with its Mid Coast location halfway between Miami & Palm Beach sitting right downtown area Fort Lauderdale.

 The NSU Art Museum is also home to a wide variety of art and culture. The 83,000 square foot building houses 25 thousand sq ft dedicated entirely for exhibitions as well as a 256-seat auditorium where you can enjoy performances or learn more about featured works through educational programming inspired by our collections every day.

 The NSU Art Museum is a place where you can experience art in all its forms and shapes. Whether it’s international exhibitions with visionary Director Bonnie Clearwater overseeing them or one-of-a-kind exhibits featuring groundbreaking artists. The possibilities at this museum are endless.

 Situated at One East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the beautiful NSU Art Museum is a unique place where you can experience new cultures and ideas without ever leaving the state. The visionary director, Bonnie Clearwater, leads an international exhibition program that challenges what we think about our surroundings through challenging art in all forms of media – from film screenings to dance performances- every few months at their downtown Fort Lauderdale location.

 The NSU Art Museum strives to create a safe place for people of all backgrounds and abilities. They do this by exploring the human condition in their exhibitions, which highlight issues such as identity, inequalities/injustices, etc., with the aim of provoking productive discussions on these topics that can contribute to solving problems within our community today.