North Naples, Florida

North Naples is a small but beautiful community in Collier County, Florida. It’s located just north of the more popular tourist destination, Naples, FL. It has appealing qualities that make this place great for people who want peace without sacrificing access to all amenities, such as shopping centers and restaurants.

The North Naples area is home to some of Florida’s most luxurious real estate, including the census-designated places of Pelican Bay, Naples Park, and Pine Ridge, as well as additional surrounding land that offers equally impressive scenery in its natural landscape beauty.

North Naples may be a part of the only tropical climate in America, but it also has its unique features that make this city so great. The winters here are warm and dry despite being north of Naples and where most other locations on our continent receive their rains seasonally, while summertime temperatures often reach above 32 Celsius. With all these benefits combined with beautiful scenery like blue skies overhead during rainstorms or calm seas meeting pristine beaches within view distance offshore.

The North Naples community is known for its natural beauty, and numerous amenities serve as the perfect sanctuary to explore your passions. The educational system will provide all aspects of knowledge needed at every stage. From public elementary schools like Pelican Marsh Elementary School, which has served generations alongside private ones such as The Village School, there’s something here that matches any student and parents’ needs.

The picturesque North Naples area is served by a variety of transportation options, including the Collier Area Transit’s 2A, 2B, 6, and 10 routes. If you need medical assistance or want to visit a hospital in this beautiful area, then there’s no better place than North Naples Hospital, which provides quality service with staff that is trained specifically for emergency cases.

The vast majority of working people in the North Naples neighborhood are white-collar workers, accounting for 87.81%. In contrast, there are only 12.19% of blue-collar employees residing here.

North Naples is a friendly community with plenty of things going on for families. If you’re considering relocating here, we hope that this picturesque, family-friendly area will become your new home.

The most common ways to get around North Naples are by car, bicycle, and foot. People who reside in the North Naples community typically use these methods of transportation because they can easily access various areas that require different modes: bicycles for short distances between home and workplace; cars if you need the flexibility or space larger vehicles afford while traveling outside your neighborhood on business errands like grocery shopping.

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