Newport Isles

Located conveniently off of I-95 exit 118, Newport Isles is perfect for those seeking to be close to the action. Whether it’s stocking up at Walmart and Sam’s Club or out enjoying a night on the town in Tradition Square, there are plenty of options available just minutes away from your door. With over 961 inhabitants calling this area home – visit today and find out why so many call Newport Isles their own.


Newport Isles offers a unique living experience with breathtaking marsh and lake views, vibrant wildlife sightings, and the utmost calming atmosphere. With this idyllic setting right in your backyard, paradise awaits.


The Newport Isles neighborhood provides a desirable suburban atmosphere for those looking to rent in Port St. Lucie, Florida. With an impressive average rental price of $2,750, higher than 73.4% of the neighborhoods in Florida, Newport Isles is sure to provide residents with plenty of options and amenities within their budget.


For those seeking the ultimate in real estate options, Newport Isles is among the few places that offer a variety of medium-to-large-sized single-family homes and townhomes. From brand new dwellings built after 2000 to more established residences from 1970 to 1999, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re eyeing your first home or considering an upgrade – don’t miss out on this unique neighborhood opportunity.


Newport Isles is top-rated as one of the most college-student-friendly neighborhoods in Florida, with an above-average safety rating and excellent walkability. Whether it’s during a semester or school break, Newport Isles offers energy that ebbs and flows along with each academic season. But parents can rest assured their children are secure when living here – after all, its placement among the 3.3% of best places to live for students speaks volumes.


Newport Isles is an amazing neighborhood that exudes a true sense of community. 98.7% of U.S. neighborhoods can’t boast the same level of loyalty and stability as this area – 5 years later; more residents remain in Newport Isles than ever before. Here you’ll find people who know each other well and have established deep roots in their beloved homes over time.


This is a vibrant Port St. Lucie neighborhood where inhabitants enjoy an upper-middle income lifestyle above the national average. In fact, Newport Isles has more financial stability than 70% of all U.S. neighborhoods – making it among the most desirable spots to call home.


The Newport Isles community is a dynamic neighborhood where sales and service professionals make up nearly half of its workforce. Executive, management, and professional occupations come in second with 25.8%, followed by manufacturing and laborer jobs (19.5%) and clerical positions (6.7%). All these roles offer unique opportunities for locals to grow their careers.

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