New Tampa

New Tampa is a modern-day paradise for those who want to be close with their family and in the proximity of major attractions and events. The city’s population has increased due to the development boom that started approximately twenty years ago; today, there are over 150 planned communities throughout this 24 square mile area.

Traffic can be a problem for people living and working in downtown areas. Many offices make it difficult to get from one place, while chains dominate dining options with their predictable menus that never change or offer anything new on occasion.

If you are looking for a place that offers more than just the typical resort life, New Tampa might be what your family needs. The area has everything from biking and walking trails to golf courses and tennis courts or soccer fields, so there will always be something new around every corner.

New Tampa is a great place to live and work. The median home value of $304,512 means that you can buy an average-sized house with plenty of room for your family in this neighborhood. Plus, it’s only 40 minutes from downtown or ten traffic light-free miles away on Interstate 75, which helps make life easier when driving across town during rush hour too much. Use all attributes listed here as reasons why people should consider moving here today.

While there is no walking distance in the same way as it would be found elsewhere, New Tampa still has plenty to do. The Shops at Wiregrass, an outdoor mall with popular shopping and chain dining options, is full of events that happen from time to time, including live music performances.

Nearby are the typical chain restaurants and a state-of-the-art movie theater. For those in search of some outdoor recreation, New Tampa has nature trails and golf courses that provide an opportunity to enjoy this fantastic city in peace with family or friends. Its location is reasonably close to major highways such as Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, and the University Of South Florida (UOF). You can go on any type of adventure imaginable, from exploring local brewpubs for food adventures like wine tasting at the melting wineries. There isn’t anything wrong with being stuck inside when summertime finally arrives- the neighborhood has got plenty more than just beaches within reach here.

With a population growth of over 10% and the number one fastest-growing community in Tampa, New Tampa has been made for business. With many large corporations moving their headquarters, there are countless opportunities available to you.

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