Hyde Park

Hyde Park residential area is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Tampa, with its history as an elegant and influential area right outside your front door. Hyde Park is a picturesque neighborhood in Tampa with its proximity to fine dining and nightlife right outside your front door.

Hyde Park is a neighborhood situated on the Bayshore Boulevard — a 5-mile linear park connecting to Downtown Tampa. Located in Hillsborough County with an estimated population near 2,000 people per mile and access by car from Interstate 275, it makes it easy for residents of all sorts who want good schools and healthcare within walking distance or just over one hour commute time each day no matter where they work.

Hyde Park is not only a perfect neighborhood for families, but it offers something to satisfy every taste. From fine dining and drinks at one of its many restaurants or cafes with live music in the evenings; to enjoying an ice cream cone on your lunch break from work while sitting next to children playing outside— Hyde park has it all.

Hyde Park is a popular neighborhood for those looking to live in the city yet have some quiet. The public schools here also receive high ratings, making it an excellent choice regardless of your children’s educational needs. Because most people in this neighborhood own their homes, it provides the perfect mix: urban and suburban.

The Hyde Park is notable for its balustrade, wide sidewalk, and a sliver of waterfront greenspace behind the stately mansions that line this boulevard. Condos highrises are tucked under moss-draped live oaks in one addition to being an affluent neighborhood; it’s home to many excellent restaurants.

Hyde Park Village becomes more than just an eclectic collection of restaurants and boutiques when you walk about a half-mile from the bay. Here, there are also seasonal farmers markets that set up shop on weekends. There are also art fairs where one can find anything from old furniture to paintings by local artists at reasonable prices, perfect for those who are careful of spending their money.

Just south of Hyde Park is the area called South of Howard Avenue, known as SoHo for the most part, which attracts a younger and more party-loving crowd. With it comes an influx in traffic that can be heard all across town by nighttime residents not used to such activity near their homes or business establishments. These are some reasons why many people consider this neighborhood’s schools to be one of life’s great amenities. With low crime rates and high-quality education, it is no wonder that schools in this area attract parents who want their children to grow up comfortable with both morals and academics. 

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