Jungle Queen Riverboat

The most enjoyable thing to do in Fort Lauderdale is to take a riverboat cruise down the New River. For over 80 years, these boats have been giving tourists an incredible journey as they travel along this beautiful waterway with its lush green banks and picturesque views of orange groves on either side.

The Jungle Queen Riverboat will take you on a journey through Florida’s natural beauty, from observing wildlife and taking in all that fresh air to playing games such as poker or casino night. The inviting atmosphere ensures guests feel at home while underway – even if they’ve never been on board before.

 The best and most amazing way to experience the scenic beauty of our planet is by taking a riverboat ride. There are multitudes of activities for everyone, including an excellent food selection and first-rate live entertainment.

 The unique way to experience the beauty of nature is by taking a riverboat tour. Not only will you enjoy some great food and entertainment, but you also get an up-close look at all that surrounds us.

 There’s no better way to spend a night aboard than with the rhythms of live entertainment and delicious food. You’ll be able to enjoy all this while looking out at beautiful scenery, including wildlife refuges along with our river systems.

 For a one-of-a-kind adventure in Fort Lauderdale, there is nothing like experiencing the Jungle Queen Riverboat. You can choose from various tours, including Tropical Isle Dinner and Show with Sightseeing Cruise or a 90-minute sightseeing cruise.

 Situated at 801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA, the Jungle Queen Riverboat will take you on an escapade through history and into the lush greenery of Florida’s Everglades. Expert guides provide fascinating commentary about this unique destination while also navigating their way around some tight river ways that are sure not to test even those without experience at sea. With one-of-a-kind architecture enhanced by ample windows throughout, it makes for a scenic tour like no other.

 Join them for an informative and memorable riverboat ride along the Intercoastal Waterway. Their expert guides will give you details about surrounding homes, boats, or other noteworthy landmarks as they make sure your trip is quick. They provide humor throughout, so it’s not all serious business in this fun-filled excursion onboard The Jungle Queen.

 Take a ride on the Jungle Queen Riverboat and enjoy exploring Florida’s waterways while sipping your favorite beverage. With an onboard bar, you can get well lubricated with beer or wine for those who don’t drink alcohol. You’ll also have access to bottled water as well as soda if that is what strikes your fancy during this trip down memory lane.

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