Naples Park

Naples Park is a unique neighborhood in Naples, Florida. The population density there makes it an urban area, meaning that prices for homes vary more expensively than other neighborhoods due to their high demand and low supply–the median real estate price being $505,880. This pricey tag means this location falls somewhere between luxurious resorts on one side with incredible amenities but still manages to maintain its charm as well.

With an average rental price of $2,155, it’s no wonder that the Naples Park neighborhood has a higher rental cost than 68% of all other neighborhoods in Florida.

The beautiful and serene Naples Park neighborhood is a fantastic place to call home. With so many single-family homes, this area also has some smaller apartment buildings for those who need more space but don’t want all the hassle that comes with living in a high-rise building.

The residential real estate in the Naples Park neighborhood is a mixture of old and new. Many homes have been built between 1970-1999, but there are also many established properties that date back to 1969 or before. A few younger contemporary designs can be found here as well; they’re not common, though. In the Naples Park neighborhood, you’ll find a mixture of owners and renters.

Naples Park has a high vacancy rate, with 25% of homes currently unoccupied. This is 90% higher than the average for all neighborhoods in the U.S. One reason may be that many residents here spend their summers near necessitous activities such as fishing or beachcombing; they do not want to move away during this time because it would mean missing out on so much fun. A significant percentage also reside year-round rather than just going through seasonal cycles like most other American cities commonly seen by tourists every day.

The Naples Park neighborhood scores high on employment statistics. The area is home to more people who work in sales and service-related professions than any other U.S location, at 49%. This includes fast food servers or major accounts– two careers that represent strong prospects for economic growth.

The residents of this special neighborhood not only bike to work, but they do so in record numbers! With 6.1% commuting on a bicycle each day and an average commute time that ranks among the lowest for all neighborhoods nationwide- you’ll never miss your chance at getting some fresh air while arriving early enough before meeting with others.

This unique area offers everything from single-family homes (which are mostly located along streets lined by trees) down through townhouses or high-rise condos – there truly is something here suitable for any lifestyle preference.