Palm River

Palm River is a desirable neighborhood in Florida with the median house price at $385,039. This makes it more expensive than 62% of other neighborhoods across Florida and 64% of communities across the nation.

Palm River is a great place to live if you’re on the market for an affordable rental home. The average price of rent here currently falls below many other Florida neighborhoods, making it one of a kind. The Palm River average rental price is currently $1,750, which is lower in price than 58.9% of the neighborhood in Florida.

Palm River is a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood located in the city of Naples. It has many attractions for residents and travelers alike, with its own park that offers swimming or baseball games during the summer months. In addition to being close by when you need something more spacious than your home – like shopping centers – there are also some great restaurants within walking distance.

Palm River is a community with just enough going on that you won’t get bored in one day since it has a multitude of restaurants, shops, and things to do if your schedule allows for it. The real estate here mostly consists of apartments or single-family homes, but there are also some high-rise condos available as well, so everyone has an opportunity to find something they’ll love – no matter what kind their preference may be.

The residential real estate in this area is primarily owner-occupied. Many of the homes were built between 1970 and 1999, but there are also newer construction projects that range from 2000 up to the present day.

Palm River is a community with a 23.1% vacancy rate – higher than the average in 88+ percent of all U.S neighborhoods. A relatively large percentage (15%) here lives on vacation, so you may find some buildings are empty during your favorite season; however if you’re a year-round resident, there might be more than the usual number who prefer remaining unoccupied throughout winter break and summer school sessions alike.

The Palm River is a unique neighborhood in that it has nearly all its residential real estate built during one time period, namely between 1970 and 1999. This means you’ll notice many of the houses look similar because they’re both old-fashioned yet established at this point; 84% were constructed during these decades.

The Palm River neighborhood in Naples is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet place with high safety ratings. This area already attracts retirees who are college-educated, making it better than 88% of neighborhoods in Naples.

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