Morgan Levy Park In Doral Florida

Morgan Levy Park is a tranquil 14-acre park in Doral, just minutes from some of the best hotels and restaurants around. The lush green scenery will leave you feeling refreshed after your visit.

Morgan Levy Park is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The park offers space to watch sporting events, whether you’re looking forward or excited from afar. This open area within Doral provides everyone with access so they can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. In addition, the park provides everyone living in Doral an open space they can use any time of day or week, no matter their schedule.

Morgan Levy Park offers a picturesque community and recreation center, which can host events for your next birthday party. This community and recreation center offers special event rental space, including birthday party packages offered by the parks department. The space is offered by the city’s Parks Department in conjunction with their special event rental service- all you need do is contact them.

Morgan Levy Park is an excellent place for sports enthusiasts. In the park, there are several fields that can be used for various sporting events and activities such as soccer or tennis with no problem because they have Synthetic Turf replacement projects installed on them, which make it perfect quality-wise given its both aesthetically pleasing features and usability.

The picturesque park is an excellent place for sporting activities and has four community-use soccer fields, several sand volleyball locations, five tennis courts, and a junior/senior basketball court too.

Morgan Levy Park in Doral, Florida, has a large walking and jogging trail that dissects the natural terrain of this beautiful park. The path is open during daylight hours, so you can also take your time. The beautiful natural terrain can be explored while walking or jogging trails through it.

The beautiful Morgan Levy Park is a great place to go for picnics and relax! The five-day-use picnic pavilions have tables with barbecue grills, so you can cook up some tasty food while your kids play on our playground equipment or get lost in one of the many nature trails.

The park has multitudes of things to offer for visitors of all ages. Whether you want an active lifestyle or just need some time away from the hustle and bustles, this park will provide it! You can watch tournaments in one area while children get their energy out playing games on another field – there’s something here that everyone can enjoy no matter what they’re looking forward to.