Ocean View Heights

The area of Ocean View Heights is a community around Miami, Florida, with some of the most beautiful views you’ll see anywhere. The density of people in Ocean View Heights makes it a densely urban neighborhood.

The median home price in the Ocean View Heights neighborhood is $657,839, which makes it more expensive than 90.5% of neighborhoods across Florida and 85% nationwide.

The cost of renting in this Miami neighborhood is higher than 93% of other neighborhoods throughout Florida. The average rental price here currently sits at $2,944 – making it one expensive destination for those looking to dwell.

The Ocean View Heights neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for that beach feel with the convenience of living in an apartment or townhome. There are plenty of units available, and they come at all price ranges – from small studios up to four-bedroom homes.

With a mixture of owners and renters occupying the residential real estate, many homes in Ocean View Heights are established but not old. Built between 1970-1999, for instance, is one such community that was built more recently as well, with 2000 or later being added onto their generation length too.

The population of Ocean View Heights is a unique mix. Not only do you have many homeowners, but also renters who’ve been living in the area since it was newly built or just old enough for them to move out from their parents’ house without feeling too attached – which means there will always be someone new moving into one these homes every year.

When you’re educated, life becomes easier. The joys of knowledge are felt in every aspect of our lives and when one neighborhood has a majority with advanced degrees. Many adults (35.2%) in the Ocean View Heights neighborhood have earned an advanced degree, which is likely why so many people are able to effectively navigate life and excel at its challenges.

With more than 1.7% of residents living with a same-sex partner, Ocean View Heights is truly one neighborhood that stands out from the rest in this regard. In fact, it has greater concentrations than 95.4% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The homes in this beautiful Miami neighborhood are perfect for those who love the charm and character that comes with an old-fashioned row home. With 40% classified as rowhouses or other attached dwellings, there’s no shortage of opportunity here.

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