Gold Coast Railroad Museum

The iconic Gold Coast Railroad Museum is the perfect spot for history buffs looking to take a trip down memory lane. You’ll find all different kinds of trains here, from old-fashioned steam engines and passenger cars that once flowed across America’s landscape in bustling commerce periods long ago. The museum also displays modern electric rail equipment used today by freight carriers who rely on these iron horses because they can go places no other form of transportation would allow them to.

The old engines here are a time capsule for American history. Before cars took over, you can visit the inside and learn about how transportation used to be in this country. The old school trains at Gold Coast Railroad Museum are great for family fun. For any trip back in time, you can visit some of these engines that have witnessed America’s transport history first-hand.

Located in this museum,  the Ferdinand Magellan is a train reformed in 1942 for use by President Roosevelt. It’s an ornate Pullman model from 1928 and was equipped with all of its presidential accoutrements to enable him on his trips across the country without any worries or concerns about security risks along the way.

The U.S Army Hospital Car is one of the unique vehicles you’ll ever see in the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. The iconic train was used during World War II to transport soldiers who were injured or sick during that period between medical services until they could be transported elsewhere for treatment. It’s hard not to fall in love with this old train-like bus which looks like something out of movie set scenes where they show what life would’ve been if it had never happened.

The Jim Crow Passenger Wagon found in the Gold Coast Railroad Museum is a silent witness to the social segregation of its time. Inside, you can see whites and people of color wagons, differentiated by signs. When you step inside the Jim Crow Passenger Wagon, it’s hard to imagine what life was like for black people before civil rights. This train transported them into towns and cities where they would be greeted by signs that read “for coloured persons” or simply none – meaning only white inhabitants could enter here.

The Rail Road Museum is the ultimate train enthusiasts’ paradise. There are so many options, from old steam engines to futuristic trains, that it’ll take hours just exploring. There are many advantages to visiting this museum. For one, it’s close enough that you can go on an adventure and see some of the most beautiful sights in all of Miami without having too far of a walk or drive. Another great thing about being so situated? You’ll be able to combine your tour with another important sightseeing spot-the Miami Zoo.

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