Glenvar Heights

Glenvar Heights is a great place to call home if you’re looking for some space with your family near Miami, Florida. This suburban neighborhood has so many amenities and features that it’ll feel like they are always at the center of everything. From schools, shopping centers–even golf courses–this community offers something everyone needs in their life, plus more than most people ever dream about having on one property.

The median house price in the Glenvar Heights community is $659,754, which makes it more expensive than 88.8% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 84% nationwide. That’s not surprising because this area has a lot going for it: great schools, beautiful scenery, regular festivals–the list goes on.

Renting a home in the Glenvar Heights neighborhood is an expensive decision, with renters paying on average $2,782 per month for their rental property – which is higher than 90% of all neighborhoods across Florida.

The diverse population of Glenvar Heights has a range from small homes to studio apartments. The neighborhood’s real estate is made up mostly of medium-sized single-family homes and high-rise apartment complexes/flats, which provide an assortment for buyers looking forward to the living space type they desire.

The Glenvar Heights neighborhood is a beautiful place to call home. With older, well-established properties that were built between 1940 – 1969 can be found here in abundance alongside other homes completed from 1970 through 1999, there really isn’t any end indication as what you’ll find when exploring this area.

Glenvar Heights is a great place for college students to call home. Not only does this neighborhood have plenty of amenities with nearby shops and restaurants, but it’s also close enough that you can easily walk or bike anywhere.

Glenvar Heights is a really unique neighborhood. It’s filled with people who have been living here for years and know each other well, rather than the typical American dynamic of often moving or not at all. The Glenvar Heights community is a great place to call home because you can see everyone every day. With more people living in this one area now than five years ago, it’s clear that many have known each other for quite some time, as if by an unspoken agreement not to migrate or sell their homes.

Miami’s Glenvar Heights neighborhood is an upper-middle-class area with a higher than average income. In fact, this particular location has more moneyed people living in it compared to 79% of other U.S. neighborhood.

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