M.I.A. Beer Company In Doral Florida

M.I.A Beer Company primarily specializes in craft beers has become a favorite among locals as well as visitors to Doral, Florida for their innovative taste profiles that are constantly changing based on whatever ingredients they’ve got going into each batch of new creations.

The founders of the M.I.A Beer Company wanted to create a business that would be able to represent their home, South Florida – an environment full of culture and great food options for everyone. They are so inspired by this place they’ve created some really special beers just like it is here: handcrafted by professionals who know how important quality can get when you’re trying out something new or taste-testing every last drop themselves on tap nights across town.

The M.I.A Beer Company is inspired by South Florida’s environment and culture to create beers that are handcrafted for bars, restaurants, or retail stores across the state of Florida. The company has a taproom called Bruhaus that is worth seeing if you enjoy alcoholic beverages, and it can easily be added to your itinerary.

The taproom is a great place to meet other like-minded individuals who are also passionate about craft beers. You will get the chance to see how M.I.A creates its products and mingle with friendly guests that share your interests.

Whether you come for the great selection of beer or to catch up with friends, M.I.A has something that will suit your tastes and needs. The taproom is open until 1 a.m on Fridays & Saturdays, so there’s no excuse not to drink some more at this point in life.

Join the M.I.A Beer Company for a tour, and you’ll get to see how they make their signature drink, beer. You can also participate in free pint contests with other visitors who have come on this particular day. It will be an awesome experience seeing how they make their signature drink up close.

M.I.A Beer Company has been around for years and continues to grow. Stop by their event on Saturday night if you’re looking at meeting some cool locals or trying out something new that’s on tap–they always offer specials depending on what day it is, so ensure not to miss this opportunity.

M.I.A has a great selection of beers to choose from, including their burgers and tacos. If you’re looking for some good food and drinks, I would recommend ordering their burgers or tacos. You can also get wings if that’s your thing. They have cakes too, so there is definitely something here worth getting.