Medley West in Florida

The Medley West community’s average price of real estate price of $641,178 is higher than 89% of the communities in Florida and 84% of the U.S neighborhoods. In Medley West, the cost of renting a home is higher than in most other neighborhoods. The average rental cost here currently stands at $3,612 per month. This means it’s more expensive compared to 95% percent of all places across Florida.

The Medley West community in Florida has one of the longest commutes in America. Just over 53% percent of working individuals here spend over an hour traveling to and from their jobs, which can be frustrating when you have so much time consumed on traveling.

This community is ideal for those who want to carpool or take public transportation. Most people in this area, 53%, either ride with coworkers, friends, and neighbors or drive alone using their private automobile but they all share these rides more than most places which helps reduce traffic pollution by cutting down on gas use.

The Medley West community is near the city of Doral, Florida and is home to many different types of people. There’s the Cuban heritage, who are the majority and makeup 57% or so; then there are those with Mexican ancestry at 23%. And finally, you’ve got German roots at 19%. In addition, most residents were born outside.

The Medley West community is home to many Spanish-speaking persons. There, around 80 out of 100 households speak that tongue. Additionally, some speak English as well, 19%.

The Medley West community is home to many persons who work in manufacturing and laborer jobs. 53% of the working population here are employed as such – With 46 percent working for major sales accounts or fast food restaurants.

Lower rates of childhood poverty are found in this community of Medley West. In addition, it has an income lower than 100% of U.S communities. It is astounding to see how many kids in this community are living below the federal poverty line. In fact, it’s 0% which means they have an extremely low chance of experiencing any sort of caster Recession during their lifetime.

The Medley West community is an international destination. More than 57% of its population were born somewhere else in the world, making this place like a foreign country itself.

The Medley West community has the most Cuban ancestry persons living there than nearly any other place across America. In fact, 57.7% of residents have some level of other ancestors from Cuba.

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