Medley Florida

The median price of real estate in the town of Medley is $574,741, which makes it more expensive than 65.6% of communities across Florida and 69 percent within the U.S as a whole. The average rental price here currently stands at $2,697 – which makes it higher than 79% of all other areas across Florida.

In this community of Medley, near Doral, FL, many people commute short distances. For example, 30% only travel 15 to 30 minutes to work, which means they’re saving time by not having a longer commute. 

In this particular region, as in most of America, many people own cars and find them practical for getting to work. In fact, 71% percent drive alone, while only 23 percent carpool with coworkers or friends when they need transportation there.

The Medley community has a high percentage of people who identify their ethnicity or ancestry as South American at 45%. There are also an impressive 22% Cuban residents alongside 8% of Dominican roots and about 3% of Asian ancestry, and 2% of French origin, among others. The locality is home to a diverse group of people, with 70.8% born outside the United States.

The Medley community is a melting pot of dialects, with Spanish being the most common. English speakers are not rare either – about 20% speak it in this locality.

The residents of the Medley community have high-level employment, with 38.7% working in sales and service jobs, from major accounts to working as fast food servers.
The second important occupational group is executive and management positions which account for around 38.0%. Some also have a variety in their employment, with 15.2% working as manufacturing employees and 8 percent holding down jobs as laborer and tech support occupations.

Medley is a middle-income community in Florida. This moderate-income neighborhood exists where the median household earnings are higher than 57% of all U.S neighborhoods.

 The rate of childhood poverty in this community is higher than 86% percent across the United States. With 36%.9% of children who are below the federal poverty line.

Medley is an international community. Out of the people living in this area, 70% were born in another country which makes it one-of-a-kind compared to other communities across America.

The language spoken in the Medley community is also pretty special. Significantly, 74% of its inhabitants, five years old and above, primarily speak Spanish at home, which accounts for a greater percentage than 97% of all U.S communities.

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