Lowry Park Zoo

There are more than 2,000 animals in Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo that have been collected from all around the world. The zoo features African savannahs perfect for elephants or an Asia continent home to koalas while also containing native Florida habitats like tropical rainforests, which means you can see a multitude of animal species.

If you and your family are visiting Tampa and seeking an educational experience that will leave your heart full, then the Lowry Park Zoo is precisely what you need. This venue has three pools and aquariums where they treat local manatees who are injured or ill, but visitors can get up close with some of their favorite residents like penguins in “backstage” opportunities and feed Indian rhinos.

The best way to see the Lowry Park Zoo is by taking one of their many tours. If you’re daring enough, the African elephants, African penguins and Bornean Orangutan live in this area with other animals like Florida panthers or even gorillas. There are also rides for all ages, including a safari ride through habitats where guests can learn about animal care from experts who’ve been working there all day long. It doesn’t just show art at these facilities but real-life science happening right before your eyes.

Situated at 1101 West Sligh Avenue, Tampa, Florida, the zoo is a popular tourist site and an excellent place to learn about local culture. They host special programs throughout the year, as well. The Lowry Park Zoo’s purpose is to create exchanges between animals and visitors that are unforgettable yet natural. Guests get closer than ever before by touching a giant tortoise or feeding giraffes in their enclosure. They also have many other exhibits which allow you the chance for an up-close encounter with various wildlife, such as Indian rhinos, who will patiently let children come right into its pen so they can hand feed them from time.

Families will have a great time splashing in the water play areas, feeling thrilled on rides, and participating in educational shows. Love manatees? At David A Straz Jr Manatee Hospital, families can see their favorite animal patients while they are being treated by veterinary staff specializing in all kinds of wildlife.

Visitors to the Lowry Park Zoo can see a vast array of animals and learn about their care. The institution has won awards for animal preservation, so it’s no wonder that they’re one-of-a-kind in all of Tampa and entire Florida.

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