Lindgren Acres

Situated in the heart of Miami, Florida, is an area known as Lindgren Acres. This residential neighborhood has a population density of an urban area, and it’s also one with many amenities for its residents to enjoy, such as golf courses nearby or shops on site.

The Lindgren Acres neighborhood is a desirable place to live, with the median price of homes being $434,882. This makes it more expensive than 75% percent of all neighborhoods in Florida and 72% nationwide.

The cost of renting a home in this area can be costly, with an average price tag of $3,210, which is higher than 95.0% percent of other neighborhoods across Florida. However, those individuals who are looking forward to saving some money on their next move should consider checking out other neighborhoods where rentals may not always come at such high rates.

The beautiful Lindgren Acres neighborhood is a great place to call home. You’ll find that there are diverse residential options for every family size and budget, from small 1 bedroom apartments all the way up to 5+ bedrooms homes with yards.

When it comes to Lindgren Acres neighborhood’s residential real estate, most of these homes are owner-occupied. Many residents here date back not too far from 1970-1999 or even before. A small number were built between 1940 and 1969; however, there’s still plenty left for new arrivals on their way up – so don’t worry about being ‘old’ yet having encountered every street corner, you need already know how things work around here.

When you first enter the Lindgren Acres, it is easy to see that this neighborhood has an interesting history. With nearly all of its residential real estate built in one time period between 1970 and 1999 (established but not old), there are few differences between homes here; they mostly look alike because most residents live close together with their childhood friends or family members who also possess similar ages’ houses as well. You can tell which homes were constructed more recently by noticing how different styles stand out against each other instead of blending into the background, like along the road where everything blends together.

Lindgren Acres is a unique destination for those who love the charm and ambiance of row houses. The high proportion (25%) makes it one-of-kind as well, with more attached homes than most neighborhoods in America.

The people who live in the Lindgren Acres neighborhood are some of Miami’s most fortunate. With an average income, this area has higher fortunes than 82% percent of other neighborhoods across America.

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