The Lely neighborhood in Naples, Florida, is among the most expensive areas to live in. The median price for homes there was $291,027 as opposed to an average across all 50 states. This makes it harder on homebuyers who are looking into purchasing property here; however, I think you will find that life can still be pretty great if budget isn’t your first priority – after all, what good would money do without happiness?

With the average rental price in Lely currently at $2,563, it’s no surprise that this neighborhood has an above-average cost when compared to other neighborhoods within Florida.

Lely is a quaint and quiet suburban neighborhood in the city of Naples. The Lely neighborhood has many small apartment complexes/high-rise apartments for those who live there to raise their families or just want something new with plenty of room included; while also being close enough that you can go out into what really matters without having too far away commute time each day.

The neighborhood of Lely is a melting pot for different types of homes. Many residents own their property, with established but not old buildings making up the majority that were built between 1970 and 1999 in addition to some constructed before then as well.

The current Lely neighborhood real estate vacancy rate is 34.5%, which means that there are many homes and apartments for sale, but someone has to live in them. This shortage of residents can make it difficult when you need your neighborhood grocery store busiest during the cooking season or if all those college students want their own place after classes end at night; however, this problem may be solved by investing money into revitalizing areas near schools since more people will then reside nearby instead of vacationing off-site like now.

When it comes to retirement, the Lely is an excellent choice for those who want peace and quiet with plenty of safety from crime. This neighborhood combines these amenities as well top-quality living options that allow seniors many choices in their search–and they’re all college-educated.

While most neighborhoods are composed of a mixture of ages homes, the Lely stands out as rather unique in having nearly all its residential real estate built during an established but not old time period. You’ll notice that many houses here look similar because they were constructed at about the same age – 1970 to 1999 (91%).

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