Lely, Florida

Lely is a small yet vibrant community in Collier County, Florida. It’s not too big nor little and has everything that you need, including plenty of space for outdoor activities like fishing or golfing on one side while having an indoor pool/spa complex. Lely is just 5.8 miles away from Naples, FL by car.

Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Lely is a small town that has seen quite a bit of growth in recent years. It’s located close to many major cities like Naples, which makes it an excellent place for those looking either suburban life with less hassle than larger metros offer but still being just minutes away from all their favorite amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, parks, playgrounds, and movie theater, etc.

The Lely community offers residents an urban, suburban mixed feel. Most individuals who reside in the Lely neighborhood own their homes and enjoy the quick commute into the downtown area for work or entertainment opportunities but still maintain some slower-paced lifestyle aspects too.

The conservative and quiet town of Lely is ideal for those individuals who want to live an easy-going lifestyle. The public schools in this picturesque area are highly rated, which means your children will have a great educational experience no matter what neighborhood they attend.

Lely is a diverse community that has many high-quality options for students. Some of the top choices in this area include Mason Classical Academy, Marco Island Charter Middle School, Marco Island Academy, Lorenzo Walker Technical High School, and Lely High School, among others.

The Lely neighborhood is a great option to consider if you’re eyeing peaceful and quiet living with high safety ratings. It offers residents many housing options, as well as an enviable mix of college-educated seniors who are already there. This Naples area ranks better than 89% of other Florida neighborhoods when it comes down to ranking retirement locations – making this particular community something worth taking into account during your search process.

The residents in the Lely neighborhood are lower-middle income earners, which means they make less money than 65% of other U.S neighborhoods. However, this Naples community has an income that is still higher than most other communities across Florida.

The Lely neighborhood is home to some very diverse residents. The most important occupational group for this Naples area is executive/managerial talent which accounts for 42.4%, followed by clerical support jobs at 21.9%. There’s also significant representation from sales-driven industries like accounting or finance, where 18% work– alongside service positions such as fast-food restaurants (18.6%) and manufacturing production lines which account for 16%.

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