Jungle Island

You can find Jungle Island between Miami City and Beach, on Watson Island. It’s a Zoological Park that simulates an exotic tropical jungle where visitors will get to experience their wildest adventures.

What’s more real than the wilds of a tropical jungle? The answer might be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Jungle Island is an all-new Zoological Park that lets guests step into their most adventurous fantasies. Filled with lush greenery and exotic animals from around our planet, this accurately simulated ecosystem will have your heart swelling with excitement as soon as it starts beating faster because there are some new sights to see here.

When the Austrian Franz Scherr began to put on shows with his birds from a pet shop, he did not realise that this would become an essential part of modern entertainment. But as time went on and Scherr’s exhibition became more popular than ever before for its novelty value alone, people were amazed at how close you could get within Parrot Jungle Gardens’ fencing enclosures without actually touching any bird or animal.

It’s not just about saving your money and time at this attraction; it is also an opportunity to see some fantastic wildlife. You can expect hundreds of different types of reptiles, including snakes. There are plenty more animal exhibits on offer, such as primates that have been seen here since day one alongside dear birds who love making their home in condor aviaries in the jungle.

In this tropical jungle, you’ll find many different animals from birds to monkeys; yet stranger creatures too. One such example would be Hercules, who is not only part leonine but also came into existence when one atom became two through fusion cells never seen before by science during our current era’s understanding. Hercules the Liger, a lion and tiger son, resides in this beautiful park.

If you’re looking to relieve the stress from the hustle and bustles of everyday life, then head on down to Jungle Island. You’ll find orangutans that are almost human in their gestures and way of acting. These twin brothers, Peanut and Pumpkin, were born here at the park. African penguins, also found in this place, swim around playing in the water – it’s always great fun seeing these feathered creatures enjoy themselves so much, just like we would if our own lives had been filled with festive activities all day long.

The best way to beat the Miami heat is by relaxing in a fantastic atmosphere with exotic animals and tropical plants. The Jungle Island on those days provides just what you need.