Islands of Doral Florida

The median price of real estate on Islands of Doral Florida is $633,125. This makes it more expensive than 88% of neighborhoods in the state and 84 percent nationwide. The cost of renting a home in the Islands 0f Doral is higher than 97.9% of other neighborhoods across Florida.

In this community, as in most of America’s cities and townships are where you’ll find people driving to work alone. The overwhelming majority (88%) drive their own personal vehicle, while 9% carpool with friends or coworkers; for that matter, many residents find owning a car useful when getting to work.

The commute to work in this community can be a tough one. 29% of residents here spend over an hour going through traffic every day on their way into work, which is longer than most commutes across America.

The Islands of Doral community in Florida is home to a diverse group of people. The most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as South American at 63%. There are also residents who report Italian roots, and some claim Cuban origins too. Additionally, there’s 6% Puerto Rican blood flowing through these streets- not forgetting about 3% Asian descendants either. Many people living in these areas were born elsewhere.

The language you hear when walking around Doral is Spanish, spoken by 81.7% of the population. Some people also speak English 11%.

Residents in the Islands of Doral community have a significant percentage working as executives, managers, and professionals. The second most important occupation category for this area is sales-related jobs such as those found within major company accounts or small businesses that offer fast food dining options to their customers. Other residents work in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations and manufacturing or laborer jobs.

The Islands of Doral is a community that is among some of the wealthiest and most educated. This area has an even higher income than 85% percent of U.S. neighborhoods.

The low rates of childhood poverty in this community is a point to marvel at. In addition, 7% of children seventeen and under living here are below the federal poverty line, which meets or exceeds less than 50 percent for most American communities.

The Islands of Doral community is a great place to live if you’re looking for something different. With 63 percent of residents who were born somewhere else, this area has more international flavor than most U.S. communities.

The Islands of Doral is a unique place where people are proud to live and speak Spanish. The linguistically significant statistic is that 81% of residents five years old or older speak their native language at home.

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