Historic Stranahan House Museum

This is the home where Frank Stranahan built his pine pioneer’s house in 1901 at a barge ferry business site. It features wide verandas and bay windows with a Victorian parlor, amongst other things, to make it one historic place.

 The Historic Stranahan House Museum is a must-see for history enthusiasts with guided tours showcasing period Victorian furniture and decorative pieces on exhibition throughout the house.

 The museum is a fascinating read for its history and because you can see how people have lived in this area since it was first settled. The gift shop features handmade items crafted by local artists, making great home reminders when traveling across state lines.

 The Historic Stranahan House Museum is a great place to visit if you’re looking for some history. You can learn how this building has played an important role in our city’s past on daily guided tours like the River Ghost Tour, which includes boat rides and informative stories told by their guides.

 Situated at 335 SE Sixth Street, in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Stranahan House Museum is the perfect place for you to enjoy history with your family. There are many events and tours that happen throughout this amazing site, including an unforgettable Victorian Christmas or Peter Pan’s Party. For schools in our area, they offer special packages so students can learn more about Florida’s rich heritage at one of its finest museums.

 Only in Fort Lauderdale could you find the most historically significant surviving structure of its kind. This is where it all began, and now visitors can see how this house has evolved through time into what we know today about architecture.

 The beautiful Historic Stranahan House Museum is a not-to-be-missed experience for history buffs. Experienced and educated docents will lead you through the museum to share stories about how this house became one of Florida’s most historic landmarks.

 The museum not only houses some of Fort Lauderdale’s most prized possessions but also provides an educational experience of the area’s rich history. The museum offers amazing tours that take you through this home, where many events pivotal to our city took place, such as meals eaten by presidents and celebrities alike.

 Help them preserve the history of our great state at this museum! The Historic Stranahan House Museum is full of so many interesting things for you to see and do. Join in on one or more free programs each month, like docent-led tours where knowledgeable staff members give informative information about exhibits while showing off their talents, too–it’s always great fun.