Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles

The suburban neighborhood of Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles near Miami is perfect, whether you’re looking for a place to call home or just want an awesome vacay. This is an area that was created for the people who love to live in a suburban neighborhood. It has many natural areas and spacious homes in order to give you peace from your busy life but still stay close by everything important like shops or restaurants.

With a median real estate price of $850,053, the Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles neighborhood is more expensive than 95.5% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 92% nationwide.

When it comes to the cost of renting a home, you should know that this neighborhood has some pretty high standards. The average rental price in the Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles community is currently $3371 and higher than 96% of Florida neighborhoods.

The homes in this neighborhood are large and spread out. Most have three or more bedrooms, with the average being a four-bedroom single-family home that can accommodate your whole family. The apartments also offer plenty of living space; there’s no shortage of room here for you to grow into whatever future holds surprises waiting around every corner (or maybe just some new friends?)

The residential real estate in this area is mostly owner-occupied, with some structures dating back to before 1970. Many homes have been built since 1999, and there’s also an assortment of vintage properties that date as far away from 1939 to 1949.

This single neighborhood in the city has a higher concentration of married couples living here than 97.2 percent of all U .S. neighborhoods. Whether the residents have school-aged kids or not, marriages are normal on Highland lakes/sun swept Isles street – you may find many other people with similar lifestyles that share your interests, too; it’s almost like having an invisible fence around your home.

Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles is a great place for families to call home. It features top public schools and low crime rates, which make this neighborhood seem more like an extension of your family than just another Florida community with its own set of busy streets filled with cars every day at rush hour traffic time.

The Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles neighborhood is a great place for families with school-aged children and highly educated executives. In addition, it’s also popular among urban sophisticates who want easy access to amenities like golf courses or coffee shops without having too far from city life on their doorstep.

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