Golden Gate, Florida

Golden Gate is an exclusive community and CDP (census-designated place) in Collier County, Florida. The boundaries of this community coincide with an area that’s significantly higher density than the surrounding areas; perfect for those looking to live peacefully without sacrificing their personal space. It is part of the Naples–Marco Island Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Golden Gate is a picturesque area located at 26°11′7″N 81°42′13″W in western Collier County, 8 miles (13 km) northeast of the city of Naples. The community has been home to many people for decades, and it’s easy to be overlooked because there are so few signs around telling you that this area exists.

The beautiful Golden Gate area is served by some of the most popular Transit routes in all of Collier County. The Collier Area Transit’s 3A, B, and 4 will get you to your destination quickly, while 10 provides extensive coverage throughout this vast area.

Golden Gate is a town where people can enjoy the suburban feel of living in an area with low crime rates and high median income. A majority of Golden Gate’s residents own their homes, which offer them peace of mind about what’s going on around town as well as access to some amazing schools.

This is a city where residents tend to be liberal. This beautiful city is home to parks and natural beauty, making it one step closer for everyone who loves outdoor activities like hiking or fishing. In addition, the schools here also maintain an above-average reputation with their student’s test scores compared to other nearby areas as well; something we know you’ll appreciate if your child goes through them (and comes out learning things).

With many families living here, you can expect this city to have a liberal atmosphere where people tend not only to support each other but also to stand up for their beliefs when needed. The public schools are above average, which means your kids will be well educated despite what they may face outside of class – whether that’s vandalism or bullying from peers who don’t think much about right vs. wrong.

Some of the top public schools serving this area include Mason Classical Academy, Marco Island Charter Middle School, Marco Island Academy, Lorenzo Walker Technical High School, and Golden Gate Middle School. 

The people who reside in the Golden Gate neighborhood are more likely to work as laborers or manufacturers than those residing elsewhere. As manufacturing jobs disappear across America, it remains among the few areas where you will find such workers here still employed and making their homes with families near each other rather than on an individual basis like most neighborhoods we see today.