Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach, Florida, is a small town with exciting nightlife and beautiful beaches located in Lee County. It’s home to 7,102 people and offers some great beaches for those who love spending time by the water. Fort Myers Beach is about 27 miles from Naples, FL by car.

Fort Myers Beach is a city that offers residents an urban feel, with most of its residents owning their homes. This beautiful city offers residents an urban feel with easy access to nature. There are many restaurants and parks, giving you plenty of options for entertainment or just relaxing at home.

The beautiful city of Fort Myers Beach is home to many conservative retired people who enjoy living in this quiet, serene community. The public schools here also tend to be highly rated, which makes it an excellent place for families looking forward to the future togetherness while learning about what’s going on around them at all times.

Some excellent schools in the area include Pinewoods Elementary School, Three Oaks Elementary School, and Fort Myers Beach Elementary School. There’s also Cypress Lake Middle Highschool as well as Edison Park Creative & Expressive Arts Academy- all top-notch institutions that will provide your child with a world-class education.

Fort Myers Beach is a true getaway with its stunning scenery and warm-water waters. A seven-mile stretch of pristine Florida coast, Fort Myers Beach provides visitors the opportunity for some truly breathtaking views as they enjoy one unique memory after another in this colorful little town that’s full of fun shops like antique stores or tailoring services; restaurants serving fresh seafood right off boats bobbing up onto land, it doesn’t matter how you eat it because everything here tastes delicious.

The Outrigger Beach Resort is a perfect destination for those looking to relax on the beach with live music and cocktails. With three restaurants and private beaches galore, this resort offers relaxation in its purest form.

When you stay at the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina, your memories will last forever. This exclusive property offers access to private beaches and views that are hard to find elsewhere on this island inlet. You’ll enjoy all of these amenities plus convenient activities like watercraft rentals for those who want their own boat or kayak–the Great Calusa Blueway awaits nearby so paddlers can take advantage and enjoy.

When you’re eyeing a place to call home, there are plenty of great neighborhoods in Fort Myers Beach. With family-friendly atmospheres and endless opportunities for recreation or relaxation at your leisure, it’s hard not to find the perfect fit. You’ll leave with memories that last forever as well as an insatiable desire to return again soon – so take some time now while exploring all these wonderful options before deciding on which one will make sense best given where or who lives nearby.

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