Museum of Discovery and Science

Go on an escapade with the whole family at this Museum of Discovery and Science. Permanent exhibits are sure to entertain while rotating shows keep things interesting.

 The ever-changing exhibit at the Museum of Discovery and Science is a great place for all ages. Whether you’re looking to learn more about space or get in on some interactive fun, there’s something here that will interest every member from toddlers up.

 The Museum of Discovery and Science has a variety for you to explore, including fossil exhibits that will amaze you with their realism. In addition, there are other areas where visitors can get an up-close look at some truly fascinating natural history objects such as giant coral reefs or interactives showcasing contemporary animal life from all across our world.

 The Museum of Discovery and Science is an excellent place to learn more about hurricanes. You can explore this topic in detail with immersive experiences such as Everglades Airboat Adventures or by watching nature films at IMAX Theater that highlight different types of Hurricane facets like rainfall intensity due to their size etc.

 Situated at 401 SW Second Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Museum of Discovery & Science is a place for the entire family to enjoy! There are many exhibits, including one called Harry the Heap, that talk about recycling. You can also see live demonstrations from Keller Science Theater with their interactive stations, such as an otter habitat or a two-story shipwreck display where you’re encouraged interactively learn more while they last have time before closing early because it’s getting dark outside.

 The moment you find yourself in need of a day-long distraction, take your family to the Museum of Discovery and Science. With two floors worth (or more) interactive exhibits that are sure not only entertain but also educate–it’ll be hard for any child or adult who visits this museum not to come out feeling like they’ve learned something new.

 The Museum of Discovery & Science offers a variety of interactive exhibits to explore, including simulation trips through space or onto the Moon. There is also an aircraft display where you can test your skills as a pilot in one cock-pit. If family fun things exist in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with kids, then this place has them all covered.

 The new EcoDiscovery Center is a great place to visit if you’re looking for educational activities in Florida. You can take Everglades airboat rides, catch animal shows or go fossil hunting beside prehistoric creatures from Prehistoric times.