Flagler Village

Flagler Village is a working-class urban neighborhood located in the bustling city of Fort Lauderdale. It’s home to many people who work hard every day and night for their paycheck, which can be found on all street corners or restaurant walls.

The Flagler Village neighborhood is in one of the most expensive parts of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where homes are valued at $624,922, higher than 88.3% of the neighborhoods across Florida and 84.2% of the neighborhoods across the U.S. The average price per square foot for this area makes it one worth considering if you’re looking into purchasing your first house or investing professionally owned condominiums like resorts.

The Flagler Village community is a great place to live if you’re looking for luxury amenities and an expensive rental rate. The average cost of homes here currently stands at $3,282 – higher than 96% of other areas across the state.

The Flagler Village neighborhood is perfect for those who appreciate small homes with medium-sized families. Flagler Village is a great place to live if you’re looking for something between small and medium-sized apartments. There are plenty of single-family homes, but most people end up in one- or two-bedroom units since they can’t afford the price tag on larger spaces. However, the people living in this area have been very satisfied and recommend it as an excellent place where friendly neighbors can thrive together.

The neighborhood of Flagler Village is home to many people who rent. The streets are lined with newer, well-maintained houses built-in 2000 or more recently; there are also older properties like those located in this area where you can find some rate specials for investors.

The Flagler Village neighborhood is an excellent place to live if you love the look and ambiance of newly built homes. 84% percent here were built after 1999, which means there’s a higher proportion of newer homes than most places across America.

The Flagler Village community is a unique place to call home. With 89.8% apartment complexes or high-rise apartments, this area has more options for those looking than most other neighborhoods in America. And don’t forget about the beautiful scenery that comes alongside it; you’ll be living next door if anywhere near as incredible on your tour through Florida’s best-kept secrets.

One of the coolest things about Flagler Village is that it has more solo residents than most places in America. With 47% percent of households here made up of one person, you’re bound to find someone who lives alone. That’s pretty rare compared to 95.7% of other American neighborhoods.

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